Be careful with the pressing sale of security software

Symantec received an e-mail saying "Attention to press selling of security software", in short, it makes a display like the image above, as if you were thinking something infected and clicked on it, and It is a way to install it.

Details are as follows.
There are many other things like this, and there are many things that are more elaborate.

Pressing away of security software is a method in which, on a user's computer, "Will
It is fake message such as "I am infected with", and security software
It is a malicious act of trying to download and purchase. Once you accept the purchase
If you do, you will not be able to cancel or display the dunning until you complete the procedure
It is repeated. In many cases, such security products are totally
There are even things that do not work or, on the contrary, do malicious actions.

Hayashi Kaoru of Symantec Security Response says that:
"Such malicious press selling is good at plotting that psychologically puts users down
In particular, users in Japan tend to be cheated easily. The user,
Do not act as instructed by trusting the displayed message easily.
Please do not panic or scare, please calmly analyze the contents of the message. "

Symantec encourages users to be aware of the following
I will.

◎ When the first warning is displayed, click "x" at the upper right of the display to display the window
Close. Do not click "OK", "Download" or "Save"

◎ Because unnatural words and wordings are often found in messages,
Analyze sage notation well

The same thing is also written on the information processing organization (IPA) of independent administrative agency corporation (IPA).

About virus / unauthorized access notification status (for July 2006)
[Case of press sales acts of security countermeasures software]

"Watch out for pressing sales of security measures software !!"
Do not truly receive dubious warnings! It is!

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