The cooling material of the next generation CPU is "nanofluid"

Several years have passed since the heat generated by the CPU became a major problem, and all CPUs, which are the current mainstream of representative CPU makers such as AMD and Intel, have low power consumption and low heat generation Although it is there, fever still remains a problem.

There are air cooling and water cooling to cool the hot chip relation, but there seems to be a method based on "nanofluid" as its next generation type cooling system.
Future Computer Chips Could Be Cooled With Nanofluid

This is a method of filling the heat pipe with nanofluid and it is a fairly efficient method. It is already proven that it is effective in cooling the next-generation chip under development, and it is currently under development that it is downsized to meet demand.

This nanofluidic cooling is done by oscillating the fluid inside the heat pipe so that each particle inside the fluid improves the thermal conduction efficiency more than any liquid currently used for water cooling up to now Thing.

What is called nanofluid, what we used in experiments is a particle state of diamond. It seems that what happens as a result of putting it in high performance liquid chromatography is its identity.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography - Wikipedia

This makes it possible to create diamond particles with no kinetic energy, ie nanofluids. The nanofluids made in this manner have good heat conduction efficiency, so exhaust heat that can not be compared with before is possible, and as a result, one with good cooling efficiency will be produced.

So, how important is the cost of the most? I think that instead of diamond (carbon molecule) we will find affordable material as nanofluid ... ....

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