More technical breakthrough to the LED, longer life, cheaper, and lower power consumption further

Incandescent light bulb consumes 90% of electricity as heat rather than light, so it's very inefficient and attention is gaining attention for LED lighting etc. According to Purdue University there is a further technical breakthrough for LED He said that. It is said that the life is long, the price is cheap, and the power consumption further decreases.

Details are as below.
DailyTech - Breakthrough Allows LED Lighting to be Processed on Silicon at Great Savings

· Lower power consumption

We have succeeded in reducing the electricity consumption further by 10% than the existing one. For example, in the case of the United States, one-third of the total electricity generation is used to emit "light", so if you use all new lighting as this new LED, you can save considerable energy.

· Low cost

The reason that the conventional LED is expensive is that the layer that emits the light of the LED light is gallium nitride crystal. As expensive parts are needed to deal with this, it resulted in an increase in cost. However, as new LEDs use silicon wafers, they do not have to be manufactured with a very expensive process, so costs will be reduced compared to conventional.

· To last longer

By using a silicon wafer, the rate at which energy is converted into light rather than heat is increased, that is, the rate at which energy is wasted is further reduced, so that the damage caused by use is further reduced and the lifetime is extended .

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