Various blogging tools that can update blog from local

I wrote it earlier.This articleI suddenly felt that I felt that there were other similar softwares, so I tried it. There are plenty of free software too.

free. As you can see from the image above, it is possible to write articles with feeling like a word. It is possible to post to multiple blogs simultaneously. You can use blog service corresponding to Blogger API or metaWeblog API. MovableType, Nucleus, WordPress, Drupal, LiveJournal, Xoops, etc.For details, click here.If you look closely you can also use GIGAZINE because it also contains pMachine, which is the previous version of ExpressionEngine used in this GIGAZINE. Fumo.


free. This is the same thing. It's as simple as there is no more.

Memory Recorder

free. Hatena diary, mixi diary, livedoor blog, goo blog, Seesaa Blog, excite blog, Rakuten Square, cocolog, Yahoo! Blog, So-net Blog, LOVELOG, Doblog, FC2 Blog, Yaplog !, Shinshu FM, AmebaBlog, DRECOM, Movable Corresponds to Type etc. Pretty good.

Other shareware has the following things.

BlogWriteII (limited function free version, 3000 yen)

The interior which is gathered very beautifully is a sacrifice. It is functional altogether. Is it worth buying this much? Available for each blog that the API supports.

Elicit ($ 59)

It is characterized by schedule function, cooperation with various search engines, Dreamweaver level editor, affiliate easy insertion function such as Amazon. Also, because there is a schedule function, it is interesting that it looks like a schedule book or PIM. Available for each blog that the API supports.

BlogJet ($ 39.95)

A function to insert photos easily from flickr, a function to insert a link to iTMS for songs being played on Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, a function to add sound to blogs, a function to link to IE and Firefox, a past log edit It supports functions such as secure communication using OpenSSL. It is a quite unusual blogging tool. Available for each blog that the API supports.

Qumana ($ 29)

Technorati tag creation function, drag and drop realization of file attachment, keyword type ad insertion function, advertisement banner editing function available. Available for each blog that the API supports.

Is it a matter of your choice any longer coming so far ..........

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