Ultra high-speed assembled movie of the world's largest two-story aircraft "Airbus A380"

It is a super huge aircraft called "sky luxury liner".

Although it is more than 7 minutes in volume, you can see the ground transportation and painting of each huge part.

Details are as below. How to build an Airbus A380 in about 7 Mins - Google Video

Currently, there are two companies, Boeing and Airbus, are major aircraft manufacturers, of which Airbus Company built two-story aircraft called "Airbus A 380". Development year is actually 11 years, development cost is 1.85 trillion yen. Japanese airlines companies adopt Boeing's new Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" but this is not coalescing separately, because "Airbus A380" is so huge that at existing major airports in Japan it is Because it is necessary to remodel.

For details, refer to the following site.

Airbus A380 - Wikipedia

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By the way, the aircraft modeled on this "Airbus A 380" comes up as the movie "Flight Plan".

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