The moon earthquake lasts for 10 minutes magnitude 5 level

Most buildings are collapsed, it will collapse as long as it lasts ten minutes. A plan to make a base on the surface of the moon, it turns out that there are unexpected obstacles coming here. NASA - Moonquakes

It seems that the earthquake is Earthquake and the moonquake is "moonquake" ... it looks like magical spells appearing in RPG ...

In the Apollo project from 1969 to 1972, we also installed a seismograph on the moon's surface, and seems to have been observing until the switch was turned off in 1977. According to the observation data, there are four kinds of earthquakes in the month.

It is caused by the effect of the tide caused by gravity, the thing with the seismic source down 1.700 km
2. Collision of meteorite
3. The night of the moon lasts for two weeks, so the ground surface becomes frozen, and when it is daytime it expands.
It is caused by expansion and contraction at that time

Since it is a light earthquake so far, it has little influence. The problem is next.

4. Quite shallow due to the earthquake with epicenter of 20 km to 30 km from the ground

This earthquake is a fierce thing that the magnitude 5 level lasts for 10 minutes. The reason is not clearly understood, but is probably caused by a lot of rock and iron as a substance that constitutes the moon? A dominant theory is that it is. In other words, it seems that the tremor does not diminish with the feeling like a metal bell keeping ringing ♪ and continues echoing on the same principle as the tuning fork, and the tremors do not fit easily. Therefore, when building a base above the moon it is not told that it is not a sturdy structure on the earth that can withstand magnitude 5 for 10 minutes, which is unthinkable on the earth.

Apparently it seems tough to live in the moon ...

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