I went to the actual running test of the world's fastest accelerating monster EV "Owl" under development in Tochigi

Temporary staffingAsparkIs developing a monster EV of 2 seconds in Tochigi with the world's highest acceleration · zero hunk (the time from stop to 100 km / h). Companies that are neither carmakers nor private companies are making the world's fastest EV as a commercial vehicle that can run on the public road with a burst of only 3 years from zero, the development speed of the world's fastest accelerating "Owl Project" I finally heard that the running test was started, I went to Tochigi and saw how the prototype ran.

Electric Vehicle Development | Aspark Co., Ltd.

You can see how unbreakable the Auru project is by following articles.

What is the world's fastest monster EV "Owl" development project in progress in Tochigi? - GIGAZINE

Arrived at the new Kanuma station of Tobu Nikko Line.

A parking lot located 10 minutes by car from Shin Kanuma Station is a test driving place.

Acceleration test aiming at reaching 100 kilometers per hour in just 2 seconds means that 50 meters will be enough. The machine will accelerate towards the bank & cliffs.

Preparation for the test run was done steadily at the time of arrival.

This is the prototype of the Aspark monster EV 'Aur'. Cowl and interior etc are not attached and the pipe frame is exposed.

The left rear tire was rotated by the engine of the moped bicycle. This is about warming up instruments. Besides tires and suspensions, it seems necessary to warm up instruments before fully opening.

Owl is a tremendously flattened design. The whole width as seen from the distance of the wheel is more than 2 meters.

Nevertheless, the height of the ground is about 9 centimeters of the legally restricted limit, so it seems to be a style that creeps on the ground.

In the pipe frame ......

Traces of welding.

Prototype is right handle, right seat only.

Steering Wheel

In front of the driver is equipped with an indicator lamp to signal "2 seconds".

A master switch to use at the time of starting next to the cockpit.

Two pedals with brake and accelerator only.

Parts ahead of the body are air jacks.

When installing the tire put air from the side of the car ... ...

A mechanism to jack up.

Capacitors (capacitors) are mounted on the left and right of the seat. In driving tests, capacitors with fast charging / discharging speeds are used instead of batteries.

A total of 28 units of power amplifiers that switch ON / OFF of the switch are divided into five at the back of the car body ... ...

Current is sent to the twin motor installed vertically behind the vehicle body via the power amplifier.

Drive shaft in the center of the car body.

Owl is becoming a four-wheel drive so that torque can be distributed efficiently. In addition, the center differential is locked and it is said that the torque is distributed equally to the four wheels.

The control unit is on the part where the left seat sticks. A control unit that controls energy in units of 1 / 10th of a second is an important device to become a kimo to realize a zero huck 2 seconds.

Measuring instruments that display running data such as vehicle speed and motor speed. The behavior of the machine is made naked from the log data acquired by this measuring instrument, and the setting is finely boiled down.

A green box next to the machine where preparation is ready for testing. This is a one-off tire warmer. In the tire warmer of the type wrapped around the tire, since it can only raise the temperature up to 80 degrees, I made a special tire warmer specially.

Take out the spot heater ......

Insert in the hole.

With this special tire warmer, it seems that four wheels can be heated up to 110 degrees in one stroke.

Staff to clean the part where the tire is mounted. Slight dust is also an enemy to lower friction, so it seems that we are carefully sweeping the ground.

Ready, the test run is finally started.

The driverIkeya FormulaKaoru Mashima of the. In the previous test I was thinking of a tremendous acceleration and stepped on the brake at 1.75 seconds. It is time to reconcile honor.

If you sit on the seat and tighten the belt, the tension runs.

The tire warmer's lock is released ......

The tires are carried away quickly.

Fuja's commercial slick tire.

Quick work is required so that the tire will not cool down.

And, the running test of "2 seconds" finally started.

Auru's accelerated test aiming to reach 100 kilometers per hour in just 2 seconds is like this.

Acceleration test of Aspark monster EV "Auru" aiming for 2 seconds of zero hike (1st) - YouTube

Developers who rush to Aur.

I check the running data immediately.

Then press it all to return to the starting point.

In the previous driving test, the speed at 2 seconds passed is 83 kilometers per hour. In the test this time it was planned to record 90 kilometers per hour by raising the temperature of the tire, softening the suspension and earning grip, the result was 80 kilometers per hour. However, it has been calculated that it does not go as calculated. While trying various possibilities, trial and error continues.

Mr. Mashima who talks with Asaka's president Masamichi Yoshida leaked the impression that "the tire slips more than the previous time." By the way I did not have enough room to see the new 2 sec indicator lamp.

The voltage drop is slight.

It is much more time to warm the tire than to charge the capacitor.

For that reason, we did a second test in succession without leaving anything.

The second run test comes from the following movie.

Acceleration test of Aspark monster EV "Auru" aiming for 2 seconds of zero hike (2nd) - YouTube

From the front suspension, check the floating condition of the front.

The pattern of grip is still the biggest problem.

Hideo Hideo, who checks the log data.

If you grip firmly, the purple graph that is supposed to rise at a certain angle is sleeping. This means that the speed does not catch up with the rotation of the motor, that is, the tire is idling.

It also seems that there is a problem on the grip surface on a road surface that can not be said to be high (μ) (coefficient of friction) nevertheless even though it is a midwinter test. However, even when 2 seconds have elapsed, I still spin foil and the power is enough. If the tire grips tightly it makes me feel the possibility of achieving zero hump 2 seconds.

And Yoshida, President of Aspark, who is a coworker who raised the common sense out of the awesome project of "developing a commercial EV with a world zero acceleration zero huge 2 seconds with a blast speed" to test Aur.

The situation of the final test run of Auru can be confirmed in the following movie.

The accelerated test of the aspark monster EV "Auru" aiming for 2 seconds of zero hike is Yoshida's own self-expression - YouTube

Even though the voltage dropped to the third one, the intense acceleration that the helmet with GoPro attached floats up at the start.

"It was an acceleration of another thing compared to when we tested it at the end of 2016", and it has been conveyed from that expression that he feels a sense of responsiveness.

In contrast, Mr. Masaki Shimazaki of the project manager was a floating expression. The road surface is no longer a limit. It seemed that the test beyond this was also aimed at the tests in good places such as circuits.

Thus the running test which was done at the end of January 2017 is over. According to Mr. Shimazaki, "From now on is a real game", it seems that development will be finally coming up. From this point onwards it will be a test while wearing a cowl (exterior). Already he heard that the exterior design has been completed and it is in the making of the cowl and asking "I want you to show it!", President Yoshida said "It is okay" OK. The developers around me was confused, but I was able to get the design picture of Owl with one crane.

This is the world first monster EV "Auru"

Flowing and amusing design.

There is a possibility that the side mirror may become a mirrorless design to substitute with the camera.

All cowls are made of carbon fiber.

He said he is also considering the lowest in the world. How much is the total height ......?

Aspark will be held in Germany in September 2017Frankfurt · Motor Show 2017Owl decided to participate in the exhibition. Beyond the zero-huck 2-second wall, the day the beautiful owl flares into the world is approaching.


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