Student arrested for cheating using ultra-small AI device with camera hidden in shirt button

A Turkish student has been detained after allegedly using a homemade AI device to cheat on exams using a small camera hidden in a shirt button. The student was reportedly arrested after being spotted behaving suspiciously during a university exam.

Turkish student arrested for using AI to cheat in university exam | Reuters

Turkish student who used AI software to cheat in a university exam by disguising a camera as a shirt button and hiding a router in their shoe is jailed | Daily Mail Online

The incident took place during a university aptitude test in Isparta province in southwestern Turkey. The student is believed to have had a small camera attached to a shirt button and a Wi-Fi router in his shoe, and accessed the AI software via the internet.

The police officer is holding the shoes that were worn by the arrested student.

Apparently he had hidden a Wi-Fi router under the insole.

The homemade device is designed to connect to the AI software via a Wi-Fi router.

Then, a small camera hidden in the front of the shirt displays the test questions.

The AI then provides audio explanations on how to solve the problem. Students were able to listen to this audio through headphones while taking the exam.

The student will be detained in a detention center until his trial. It is unclear at the time of writing what crime he will be charged with, or how much of a sentence he will receive if found guilty.

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