A fierce man appears who has surgically implanted a Bluetooth device in his ear for cheating

A man has appeared in India saying 'I have a Bluetooth device in my ear' for a bachelor's degree exam. For men, this exam was their last chance to become a doctor.

MP student gets Bluetooth device surgically fitted in ear to cheat | Latest News India --Hindustan Times


Medical student surgically implants Bluetooth device into own ear to cheat in final exam | The Independent

The incident was discovered during a bachelor of science degree examination at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in India. The Bachelor of Surgery is taken at the end of a five and a half year undergraduate course at the Faculty of Medicine in India, which is equivalent to the National Examination for Medical Practitioners in Japan.

During this bachelor's degree exam, an examiner conducted an unannounced test and found a smartphone in the inner pocket of a candidate's trousers. I knew that this smartphone was turned on and connected to a Bluetooth device, but I couldn't find the Bluetooth device in question. As a result of continued cross-examination, the test taker confessed, 'I surgically implanted a small Bluetooth device of the same color as the skin in my ear.'

The examiner confiscated the smartphone, took measures to replace the answer sheet, and discussed whether to treat it as a criminal case after the examination. The exam also revealed that another student was cheating on a smartphone and a small Bluetooth device, but this student did not have a Bluetooth device embedded in his ear.

According to media reports, fraudulent activity in trials has become a norm in India due to intensifying competition. In fact, in 2017, an incident occurred in which more than 600 doctors' licenses were stripped due to bribes, cheating, and replacement ball examinations at the entrance examination of a prestigious medical university, which attracted a great deal of attention.

Over 600 medical students improperly enrolled, unable to become doctors Judgment by the Supreme Court of India 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

According to Ananda Lai, who whistle-blowered a large-scale fraudulent enrollment case in 2017, the technique of wearing a Bluetooth device in the ear was still used at that time, and it is not particularly new.

The test taker who had a Bluetooth device embedded in his ear in this case was a 11th year college student, and this was his last chance to take the test.

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