Japanese-compatible multimodal AI 'Claude 3' can design quantum algorithms with just two prompts

Anthropic's large-scale language model '

Claude 3 ', announced in March 2024, supports context lengths up to 200,000 tokens and outperforms OpenAI's large-scale language model 'GPT-4' in various benchmarks. exceeds. Regarding Claude 3, Guillaume Verdon of AI startup Extropic reports that ``Claude 3 allows you to design a quantum algorithm from scratch by entering just two prompts.''

[2403.01775] Quantum Dynamical Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

There are three variants of the Claude 3 model: the inexpensive and cost-effective ``Haiku'', the ``Sonnet'' with an excellent balance of cost and performance, and the expensive but high-performance ``Opus''. Among these, 'Opus' has been reported to be capable of designing quantum algorithms.

Mr. Verdon instructed Claude 3, ``In order to go beyond existing research, please think of a way to implement the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method using a quantum computer.''

Then, after Claude 3 explained the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method, Claude 3 presented a method to execute the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method using a quantum computer divided into seven steps.

The method of executing the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method on a quantum computer proposed by Claude 3 is as follows.

1: Encode quantum into

Hamiltonian function
2: Integrate the quantum using the leap-frog method
3: Quantum momentum refreshment
4: Application of Metropolis-Hastings method to quantum
5: Identification of quantum objects based on quantum tomography
6: Application of quantum annealing method
7: Quantum parallelization

Furthermore, Mr. Verdon instructed Claude 3, ``Please rewrite the execution of the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method on a quantum computer to a classical algorithm.'' Then Claude 3 proposed a method to change the integrator based on the leap-frog method to the existing quantum mechanics.

Mr. Verdon said, ``While it is very easy to think about this algorithm as a whole, there are complexities in ensuring that detailed balance conditions are met and in encoding it into a Hamiltonian function.However, Claude 3 It correctly guessed within two minutes.'

Mr. Verdon highly praised Claude 3, saying, ``I plan to introduce Claude 3 into the workflow of future AI research.''

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