Research results show that SNS bots can influence public opinion and manipulate the market

A wide variety of opinions are posted on SNS by people from various backgrounds, and sometimes incorrect information is posted. However, apart from unintentional mistakes, it often happens that people with malicious intent intentionally spread false information. A study investigating how this information spreads revealed that accounts called ``bots'' that post automatically generated sentences can easily manipulate information.

Social Bots and the Spread of Disinformation in Social Media: The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence - Hajli - 2022 - British Journal of Management - Wiley Online Library

Unlocking the secrets of social bots: Research sheds light on AI's role in spreading disinformation

A team of researchers from the UK and Canada used ``text mining'' and ``machine learning technology'' to analyze bot behavior on X (Twitter).

Researchers analyzed 30,000 posts written in English to check whether they were written by humans. We extracted only posts written by bots to see how those posts spread.

According to researchers, bots on social media have the power to influence public opinion and even manipulate markets, and can carry out many harmful actions such as escalating arguments and disrupting stock markets. .

``Our study emphasizes the importance of understanding their intentions and detecting their presence early to prevent the spread of disinformation,'' the researchers said. He explained that this study provided a theoretical framework to examine interactions between humans and bots.

Mina Tajvidi, who was involved in the research, said, ``Our findings highlight the need for enhanced detection techniques and greater awareness of the role social bots play in shaping online discourse.'' He highlighted the threat of disinformation spreading across all social media platforms, where AI is increasingly being influenced.

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