Apple will file a class action lawsuit if iCloud's ``5 GB free'' capacity is too small

iCloud , a cloud storage service provided by Apple, allows you to use 5GB of storage for free. However, a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple because iCloud's ``5GB of free'' storage capacity was too small.

Apple Faces Antitrust Class Action Alleging iCloud Monopoly

Apple hit with class action lawsuit over iCloud's 5GB limit - 9to5Mac

On March 1, 2024, a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple in the United States District Court for the Northern District. The complaint states that 'Apple is rigging the iCloud playing field' by unnecessarily restricting free iCloud storage on iPhones and iPads.

'Apple device owners receive 5GB of free iCloud storage, but as evidenced by Apple's iCloud revenue, most users have too little space for their storage needs,' the complaint says. 'We are purchasing additional storage for a fee.'

There are many cloud storage services available for smartphones, but Apple's iCloud is the only one that stores 'application data and device settings that users need to access when they replace their device,' as well as 'some data from Apple smartphones and tablets.' ” can now be hosted. As a result, Apple's mobile devices and iCloud are 'illegally 'tied',' the plaintiffs claim. As a result, iCloud has dominated the market with an estimated 70% market share, the complaint states.

It is true that iCloud is the only cloud storage service that can store iPhone and iPad backup data. The suit says, ``Apple's decision to limit iCloud as the only cloud storage service that can handle restricted files is unjustified from both a technical and security standpoint.'' They are imposing this restriction solely to favor their own iCloud over the service.'

However, Apple actually provides

the ability to create backup data locally via iTunes on your Mac or PC .

The plaintiff says, ``Apple raised the price of iCloud until the service generated almost pure profit. Apple's ability to maintain these prices shows that it monopolizes the market.'' and blames Apple.

Foreign media Bloomberg Law pointed out, ``iCloud is one of Apple's most profitable products, and because it is not disciplined by competition, it generates higher profit margins than other products.''

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