The US government begins an investigation into the possible security risks of Chinese-made cars, raising concerns about the collection of confidential information by cameras and sensors installed in cars.

On February 29, 2024, the US government announced that it will conduct an investigation into the national security risks of cars manufactured by Chinese manufacturers.

Statement from President Biden on Addressing National Security Risks to the US Auto Industry | The White House industry/

Citing National Security Concerns, Biden-Harris Administration Announces Inquiry into Connected Vehicles | US Department of Commerce

US investigates Chinese vehicles for security risks - The Washington Post

Vehicles called ' connected cars ' equipped with many high-tech devices such as sensors and cameras are widely used, but the various devices installed in connected cars can be misused to collect confidential data or sabotage the vehicle. There is also. The US government is concerned about the impact that Chinese-made connected cars have on national security, and has instructed the Department of Commerce to investigate the risks that Chinese-made connected cars pose to US national security.

The U.S. government has directed the Department of Commerce to conduct a study to address the concerns Chinese-made connected cars pose to U.S. national security. At the direction of the government, the Department of Commerce will issue an advance notice of proposed rulemaking to examine national security risks, particularly connected vehicles manufactured by Chinese manufacturers. After that, public comments will be sought regarding the possibility of connected cars collecting sensitive data or remote control, and a decision will be made on whether to take action led by

the Office of Information and Communications Technology Services (OICTS). is.

Alan Estevez, the U.S. government's undersecretary for industry and security, said: ``While we have greatly benefited from a digital and connected world, these technologies also open new avenues for espionage and sabotage.'' We must remain vigilant to identify and protect against these vulnerabilities, including the potential vulnerabilities that exist in connected cars. 'This shows that the government is taking proactive steps to address the concerns that connected vehicles pose to America's national security.'

According to government officials, the investigation, led by the U.S. Department of Commerce, does not immediately restrict the import or sale of Chinese-made cars. However, authorities have stressed that they have the power to ban or restrict the sale of Chinese-made connected cars if they find serious risks.

US President Joe Biden strongly criticized in a statement, ``Why are Chinese connected cars being allowed to operate in the United States without safety measures?'' Secretary of Commerce Gina Lemond said, ``What if thousands of Chinese cars could be disabled while driving on American roads by attackers in Beijing?'' It's scary to think about, which is why we're investigating connected cars made in China before they become widespread in the United States and pose a potential national security threat.' Ta.

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