Retort curry 'meat chunk chicken curry' & 'meat chunk pork curry' is not only tender but also has excellent simmering that brings out the flavor of the meat to the maximum.

When I was looking around the supermarket for any interesting food, I found two retort curries that had the word ' meat ' written on them in large letters: ' Meatball Chicken Curry ' and ' Meatball Pork Curry .' I was always wondering, ``How big a piece of meat is in it?'' and ``What kind of taste and texture does it have?'', so I actually bought it and tried it.

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Meat chunk chicken curry and meat chunk pork curry were sold at the supermarket for 538 yen including tax. There is also a POP that says 'Dawn! Meat lump!!'.

I bought two pieces each of meatloaf chicken curry and meatloaf pork curry. The black package is meatloaf chicken curry, and the red package is meatloaf pork curry.

◆Meat chunk chicken curry
First of all, I will try eating meat chunk chicken curry.

The name is 'Sozai (curry)'. Ingredients include chicken thighs, onions, vegetable paste, butter, and tomato paste.

Calories are 320kcal per pack.

Warm the meatloaf chicken curry in a hot water bath or in the microwave. This time I warmed it up with a hot water bath.

When you open the bag, there are chunks of chicken thigh meat inside.

Transfer the contents of the bag to a dish. The meat chunks are quite large, so be careful not to jump out of the plate.

It looks like this when served on a plate.

The chicken thighs should be so soft that you can easily loosen them with a spoon.

When retort curry contains large pieces of meat, people often say, ``I'm happy that it's so soft that I can loosen it with a spoon, but it's so soft that I don't really feel like I'm eating the meat.'' It has both a texture that allows you to enjoy the sensation of chewing the meat. The curry sauce has a sweet and spicy flavor, and an editorial staff member who doesn't like spiciness says, ``It's spicy enough that it stings on the tongue, but it doesn't hurt.At the same time as the overwhelming presence of chicken thighs, you can feel the slight tomato-like sourness, making it crunchy. I can continue eating,'' he said.

◆Meat loaf pork curry
Next, I will eat meatloaf pork curry.

Raw materials used include pork belly, onions, vegetable paste, curry roux, and beef fat. You can see that the ingredients other than meat are quite different from the meatball chicken curry.

Calories are 423kcal per pack.

Warm it up in a hot water bath and place it on a plate.

The completed meatloaf pork curry looks like this.

The pork chunks are also soft enough to be cut with a spoon. However, the spoon does not go through smoothly, but it feels like it can be cut smoothly while giving a feeling of elasticity.

When I tried eating it, I found that the fatty part of the pork loaf was creamy and the lean part had a chewy texture. Rather than feeling like ``the moment you put it in your mouth, it all melts and disappears'', ``the moment you put it in your mouth, the fat part melts and spreads on your tongue, and you can enjoy the sensation of the lean meat oozing out the flavor as you chew.'' finish. The curry sauce has a distinctive sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste compared to meatball chicken curry.

Both the meatball chicken curry and the meatball pork curry have excellent braised meat. An editorial staff member whose hobby is cooking also tweeted, ``It's difficult to recreate this stewed quality myself.I'm very happy to be able to eat meat of this quality just by warming it in a hot water bath.''

The suggested retail price of meatloaf chicken curry and meatloaf pork curry is 650 yen including tax, and on, meatloaf chicken curry is sold as a set of 10 for 6500 yen including tax.

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In addition, meatloaf pork curry is available for 591 yen including tax per piece. However, meatloaf pork curry is sold by Life on, so it may not be available for purchase depending on your region.

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