Faced with a crisis in which URLs reporting about NASA's 'Artemis Project' will be deleted from Google's index due to a too sloppy DMCA deletion application

Japanese astronauts will be participating in the Artemis program , a manned lunar exploration program led by NASA . It has become clear that the media that reported on this Artemis project is in danger of being deleted from Google's index due to a deletion application using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Reckless DMCA Deindexing Pushes NASA's Artemis Towards Black Hole * TorrentFreak

Images uploaded by third parties that copy and use images may appear higher in Google searches than the original image upload source. If this is an illegal upload, the copyright holder has every right to remove the image from the search page using a DMCA takedown notice.

As the number of models active on services such as OnlyFans and Instagram is increasing, the number of companies that handle deletion requests using DMCA is increasing, but TorrentFreak says that using cheap services can lead to unexpected results. I'm pointing it out.

A company called ``DMCA Piracy Prevention,'' which handles DMCA deletion requests, sent a DMCA deletion notice to Google to protect the rights of models who work under the name ``Artemis'' on OnlyFans and Instagram. As a result, content containing the word 'Artemis' is indiscriminately deleted from Google's index, and media content that reported on the Artemis project is also deleted from the index.

DMCA Piracy Prevention sent a DMCA removal request to Google on December 13, 2022, requesting that 3,617 URLs be removed from Google's index. If this deletion request is successful, the URL will no longer be displayed in Google searches, which are used by 92% of Internet users.

TorrentFreak points out that the 3,617 URLs that DMCA Piracy Prevention applied for deletion include many ``URLs that report on the Artemis project'' that are clearly unrelated to model Artemis.

Some of the URLs requested for deletion by DMCA Piracy Prevention

DMCA Piracy Prevention's DMCA removal request includes the BBC, Clubic, Coinmarket, AvaxGFX, Le Monde, El Pais, The Verge, The Star, The Street, La Presse, Rappler, Zeit, Globo, ORF, Astro Space, the British government ( gov.uk), YLE, Hackaday, Golem, CP24, University of Iowa, Mars Society, New Atlas, Global Fairs, and other URLs published by 'media and organizations that you would not expect to use model photos' are also included. It is.

The image below is a thumbnail image of a URL that received a DMCA deletion request by DMCA Piracy Prevention. Most of the URLs are related to the Artemis project.

The list of 3617 URLs that DMCA Piracy Prevention applied for DMCA deletion is summarized on the following page.

DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Google :: Notices :: Lumen

TorrentFreak points out that the DMCA Piracy Prevention in question is a Canadian corporation, and a company called BranditScan, which is based in the same country, provides a similar service. BranditScan has also been confirmed to have submitted DMCA takedown requests to Google using three different accounts. One account owned by BranditScan requested the removal of 33,875 URLs across 1,452 domains on behalf of 53 copyright holders. A second account requested the removal of 30,781 URLs across 1,328 domains on behalf of 28 copyright holders. A third account requests the removal of 8,153 URLs across 662 domains on behalf of 28 copyright holders.

Meanwhile, according to Google's transparency report, DMCA Piracy Prevention has at least 60 accounts, each of which has been confirmed to have submitted between 1,000 and 4,500 DMCA removal requests. According to TorrentFreak, DMCA Piracy Prevention has requested the removal of over 51.6 million URLs across 58,431 domains on behalf of 7,179 copyright holders.

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