Researchers demonstrate a method to ``teleport'' images without physically transmitting information using quantum entanglement

Long-distance quantum communication is important for information security, and has already been demonstrated over long distances using satellites, but until now there have been challenges in communicating in higher-dimensional states beyond two dimensions. A new international research team from South Africa, Germany, and Spain has demonstrated a technology that increases the dimension of information that can be transmitted in quantum communications and allows images to be 'teleported' without physically transmitting information.

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Quantum teleportation is a technology that uses the effect of quantum entanglement , where two particles have a strong mutual relationship, to transfer quantum states to far away locations. You can learn more about quantum teleportation by reading the article below.

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Quantum teleportation is an important resource in future quantum networks, and if quantum teleportation is realized in higher dimensions, it can be expected to increase information capacity and improve resilience to noise. However, progress so far has been limited.

A new research team from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and the Institute of Optical Sciences (ICFO) in Spain conducted an experiment in which quantum transport of higher-dimensional states was achieved using only two entangled photons .

In this experiment, we used a nonlinear optical detector to transfer high-dimensional spatial information without using additional photons. Thanks to this, it was possible to measure the angular momentum of photons using a new detection method and increase the number of dimensions that can be teleported in quantum states. Experiments demonstrated that high-dimensional information in photons appears to 'teleport' from the sender to the receiver. By increasing the level of information that can be transmitted, quantum teleportation will become possible for more information such as alphabets and images.

The figure below shows an example of practical application of the quantum communication protocol demonstrated this time. If a customer wanted to send sensitive information, such as a fingerprint, to a bank, traditional quantum communications required the customer to physically send the information, which, even if secure, ran the risk of being intercepted. However, in a newly proposed mechanism using high-dimensional quantum teleportation, a bank sends a single quantum entangled photon with no information to a customer, and the customer sends the information on a nonlinear optical detector. Overlap. Then, the information will be displayed on the photons held by the bank as if it were teleported, and it will be possible to transmit images etc. without transmitting physical information between the two.

Andrew Forbes, a physicist at the University of the Witwatersrand, said: ``Traditionally, even in the quantum realm, communication partners physically transmitted information from one side to the other. 'It is possible to make reports, and there is no physical connection to traverse the information. This is the technology from the science fiction drama ' Star Trek ' that has become a reality.'

'This experiment demonstrating the feasibility of this process pushes the boundaries towards full quantum implementation and motivates further advances in the nonlinear optics community,' said ICFO's Adam Barres, one of the project leaders. I hope so.”

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