The afterburner engine of the supersonic plane 'Concorde' sells for 100 million yen

An engine with an afterburner from the supersonic airliner ``Concorde'' has been put up for sale on eBay. ``Although it cannot fly, it is perfect for dismantling and reusing as furniture or art.'' It was priced at 565,000 pounds (approximately 102 million yen), but it was safe. It is sold in

Concorde Turbo-Jet Engine, Complete with Afterburner | eBay

There's A Concorde Engine Complete With Afterburner For Sale On eBay

The Concorde was a supersonic passenger plane that was used on the Atlantic route from 1976 to 2003, connecting New York, London, and Paris in just 3 hours. However, due to a combination of economic circumstances and aging equipment, all aircraft were retired in 2003.

The total number of aircraft produced was only 20, including the prototypes, and with the exception of one aircraft lost in a crash in 2000, all aircraft are stored and exhibited at aviation museums and airports. The only aircraft 'F-BVFD' (the 11th mass-produced model) was retired in 1982, and after being used for cannibalistic maintenance with other aircraft, it was sold for 4 million francs (approximately 664 million yen) in 1994. It was sold and demolished.

The engine listed on eBay is not the 'F-BVFD', but was used as the third engine of the mass-produced No. 14 'G-BFKW'.

G-BFKW entered service in April 1978, but suffered engine trouble just two years later in 1980, and 1 million pounds (about 180 million yen) was spent on repairs. After its return, it was re-registered as 'G-BOAG' and completed 5,066 supersonic flights until its final flight in October 2003. The flight time has reached 16,239 hours.

Although it is a genuine product and comes with a certificate of authenticity from its former owner, British Airways, there is a restriction by British Airways that it can only be used for static display, so it cannot be attached to a homemade airplane and flown. you can't.

The size is about 6m x 1.5m, and the weight including the stand is 5.5 tons.

It's hard to say whether 565,000 pounds (about 102 million yen) is a bargain or not, but it has already been sold. It is unknown who purchased it.

Surprisingly, various Concorde parts have leaked out into the world, for example, the nose part of the F-BVFD was obtained by Mr. Farhad Azima who lives near Kansas City and has placed it in his garden. Mr. Azima, who is often asked, ``Why did you buy this?'' said that he bought it at an auction in the 1990s, and answered, ``I want to be buried in this.''

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