Further headwind for Apple's dependence on China, the Chinese government orders government agencies and state-owned companies to ``ban foreign devices such as iPhones and Samsung smartphones''

Foreign media outlet Bloomberg reported that the Chinese government has banned workers at multiple government agencies and state-owned enterprises from bringing foreign-made smartphones into the workplace. Coincidentally, it has just been

reported that the iPhone has lost the title of China's best-selling smartphone to Huawei, and it has been pointed out that this will become an even tougher test for Apple, which relies on China for both supply and demand. Masu.

China's Apple iPhone Ban Accelerates Across State Firms, Government - Bloomberg

Bloomberg reported on December 16, 2023, ``In the past month or two, multiple government agencies and state-owned enterprises in at least eight provinces, including economically developed coastal areas, have begun offering domestic brand products to their employees.'' We have learned from sources involved that they have been instructed to start carrying their own devices.'

In September 2023, a small number of institutions in Beijing and Tianjin were similarly notified to exclude foreign products, and this measure further expands the scope.

Apple's stock price falls day after day after China reportedly notified government officials of ``banning the use of iPhone'' - GIGAZINE

This instruction applies to Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, northern Shanxi, Shandong, Liaoning, It was held in cities across at least eight provinces, including central Hebei province, home to the world's largest iPhone factory.

The exact number of organizations issuing directives is unclear, and the directives vary in severity from workplace bans to outright bans, but the effort is a sign that China's government is trying to remove American technology from its country. It is positioned as something that will dramatically accelerate this.

In addition, Bloomberg points out that the timing coincides with the recovery of Huawei, which had been in trouble after being shut out by the United States, and suggests that behind the Chinese government's bullish stance is confidence in the recovery of its own industry. I showed you my point of view.

According to data from Bloomberg's own research, iPhone 15 sales in China have worsened compared to the previous model, with some analysts saying that ``part of the slowdown is due to Huawei's advanced processors made in China.'' This is because the smartphone was released in August.'' Although Chinese state media reported this as a victory over US sanctions, there are voices in the US questioning the violation of sanctions.

It turns out that Huawei's 'Mate 60 Pro' is equipped with Korean SK Hynix memory, raising questions about the effectiveness of semiconductor export regulations - GIGAZINE

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While the rift in U.S.-China relations widens, Apple relies heavily on China as a manufacturing partner and market for its products, with Apple CEO Tim Cook calling the relationship 'symbiotic' during a visit to China in early 2023. I was praising it.

The following is a graph showing the trends in revenue that Apple receives from China, showing that revenue will triple in about 10 years until 2022.

China is expected to continue moving away from dependence on foreign technology, and Bloomberg said, ``This will be a big test for Apple and Samsung.''

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