Apple will relocate iPad production base from China to Vietnam in mid-2021

Apple is continuing its efforts to relocate its device production base to countries other than China, starting

exporting iPhones produced in India in July 2019, and in 2020 the production base for AirPods Pro. It has been revealed that part of the product has been relocated to Vietnam . It is reported that such Apple will start production of ' iPad ' in Vietnam by the end of 2021.

Apple ramps up iPhone and iPad output shift to India and Vietnam --Nikkei Asia

In the past, major tech companies, including Apple, have set up device production sites in China. However, due to trade friction between the United States and China, a large amount of tariffs have been imposed on products imported from China to the United States, labor costs in China have risen, and the spread of the new coronavirus infection has been combined. This highlights the risk of over-reliance on one country for device production, and the relocation of production to countries other than China has become a trend in the technology industry. Nikkei Asia says Apple's move to Vietnam is in line with this trend.

In addition, the production base of devices other than iPad developed by Apple is also relocating, production of `` AirPods '' began in Vietnam in July 2019, and AirPods shipped worldwide in 2020 30% was produced in Vietnam. In Vietnam, production of ' AirPods Pro', ' AirPods Max ' and ' HomePod mini ' will start in 2020.

Apple reveals that some of its AirPods Pro production bases have been relocated from China to Vietnam-GIGAZINE

Apple has reported that not only the iPad but also the

MacBook production base will be relocated to Vietnam, but Nikkei Asia said, 'Sources said that the MacBook production base will be relocated during 2021. '. In addition, according to Nikkei Asia, there are plans to relocate part of the production base for the ' Mac mini ' to Malaysia.

Will Apple Move iPad and MacBook Production Bases from China to Vietnam-GIGAZINE

In 2019, the export of iPhones produced in India has started. However, the iPhone production plant in India is experiencing riots by employees due to the poor working environment.

Riot at iPhone factory in India, window glass crushed and car rollover --GIGAZINE

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