AI model 'Aitana' who earns over 1.6 million yen per month has appeared, a popular model who also receives date invitations from celebrities

Aitana, a 25-year-old resident of Barcelona, Spain, is a woman with distinctive pink hair who earns nearly 10,000 euros (about 1.6 million yen) a month as a model. Aitana is a popular model who sometimes receives date invitations from celebrities, but she has the unique feature that she is not a real person but a fictional character created using AI.

Meet the first Spanish AI model earning up to €10,000 per month | Euronews

Aitana, the first Spanish model created using AI, is an AI model created in the summer of 2022 by Ruben Cruz, the founder and designer of the advertising agency ' The Clueless '. At that time, The Clueless didn't have many customers, and the business situation seemed to be very difficult.

'When we analyzed the way we work, we realized that many projects have been put on hold or canceled due to issues beyond our control,' Cruz told foreign media outlet Euronews. In that case, the problem was with the influencer or model, not the design.'

Therefore, The Clueless is adopting a new approach of ``creating unique influencers using AI'' as a model for brands that come as customers. Aitana, a 25-year-old pink-haired woman from Barcelona, was born. According to Mr. Cruz, Aitana's average monthly income is about 3,000 euros (about 490,000 yen), but in the month he earned the most, he earned 10,000 euros.

“We adopted the AI model to help people live better lives and be less dependent on egos, geeks, and people who just want to pose and make a lot of money,” Cruz said. Masu.

Aitana's income is just over 1,000 euros (about 160,000 yen) per advertisement, and she has even become an advertising tower for Big, which sells sports supplements. She also seems to be gaining fans by posting photos of herself in her underwear on a platform called Fanvue, which allows

her to collect donations from fans like OnlyFans.

Aitana has also opened an Instagram account , where she has gained over 120,000 followers in just a few months. It also seems that Aitana often receives private messages from celebrities who are unaware that she is an AI model. According to Cruz, a famous Latin American actor with nearly 5 million followers once sent Aitana a message asking him out on a date.

In The Clueless, they decide what to post on Aitana's Instagram, such as ``Aitana spent a weekend in Madrid,'' and use AI and Photoshop to create the posted image.

Aitana's graphic designer said, ``In the first month, I realized that people follow lives, not images.Although Aitana isn't real, I wanted people to be able to relate to her in some way.'' We had to create a bit of reality. We had to create a story.'

As a result, Aitana has a very distinct personality, and is described on the official page of The Clueless as ``an athletic, sociable, and considerate person.'' Regarding Aitana's personality, Cruz said, ``We thought a lot about Aitana. We built Aitana based on what society seemed to like best. I'm thinking about it and incorporating it,' he explained. In recent years, he noticed that Eastern culture was becoming more popular in Europe, so he changed Aitana's hair color to pink to give her a gamer-like aspect.

In addition to Aitana, The Clueless has also created another AI model called ' Maia' . In addition, it seems that both of the AI models of The Clueless include 'AI' in the name.

The Clueless seems to be flooded with requests from various brands to build their own AI models. Mr. Cruz speculates that the reason for this is that ``(AI models) can become an entity that embodies the brand image without causing problems such as having to be fired or not being able to request work.'' Masu.

Mr. Cruz also pointed out that the use of AI models will help reduce strikes, as excessive compensation is paid in advertising activities using influencers. In addition, it has been pointed out that with the advent of AI models, the market value of advertising activities using influencers will decline, potentially providing support to small and medium-sized businesses that are unable to conduct large-scale advertising campaigns.

Of course, efforts using AI models are not without criticism. It has been pointed out that the unrealistic perfection of AI models may cause young people to become obsessed with beauty.

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