Sony is in danger of facing a class action lawsuit worth up to 1.2 trillion yen because it is illegal to sell PlayStation games exclusively on the PlayStation Store and collect 30% of the sales price as a commission.

PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) have their own online game store,

PlayStation Store , and most games and additional game content (DLC) that do not have a physical version are sold exclusively on PlayStation Store. I am. The PlayStation Store collects 30% of the sales price as a fee, but a lawsuit has been filed as this is too high, and it is possible that a class action lawsuit worth up to 6.3 billion pounds (about 1.2 trillion yen) will be filed. sexuality is increasing.

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Sony sued for $7.9 billion over UK PlayStation Store pricing

Sony facing $7.9 billion UK lawsuit for unfairly priced games, add-ons on PlayStation Store - Dot Esports

Sony Fails To Kill B ig Lawsuit Over PlayStation Store Prices

In 2022, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), which develops and operates PlayStation, will be subject to a 30% commission on games and additional content (DLC) sold through PlayStation Store, the official PlayStation online store. A lawsuit was filed by a British consumer rights group claiming that the price was too high.

Sony faces 810 billion yen lawsuit, claims PlayStation's 30% sales commission is too high - GIGAZINE

The Competition Appeal Court deliberated on this case and ruled that ``it is necessary to take a class action lawsuit worth up to 6.3 billion pounds (approximately 1.2 trillion yen).''

Plaintiffs' lawyers argue that SIE's monopoly position in the market requires that digital games and DLC be bought and sold only through the PlayStation Store, and that it collects a 30% commission on the sales price from developers and publishers. It has been pointed out that this is an act of abuse.

On the other hand, the defendant's lawyers argued that the lawsuit was ``flawed from beginning to end'' and that it should be thrown out. In addition, the Competition Appeal Court argues that people who purchased content on the PlayStation Store after the lawsuit was filed in 2022 should be excluded from the plaintiff class of this class action lawsuit.

This is not the first time SIE has been sued for charging unreasonably high PlayStation Store fees. A similar lawsuit was filed in the United States in 2021, but this lawsuit was dismissed in July 2022.

Sony faces class action lawsuit over exclusive distribution of games on ``PlayStation Store'' - GIGAZINE

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