Blind test to see which takes better photos: iPhone 15 Pro Max or Pixel 8 Pro


iPhone 15 Pro Max and Google's Pixel 8 Pro are both top-of-the-line flagship models at the time of article creation, and the cameras they are equipped with are especially highly functional. Mashable, an IT news blog, is conducting a blind test using photos taken of the same subject with iPhone 15 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Pixel 8 Pro: I blind-tested 20 iPhone owners on which takes better pictures | Mashable

The blind test was conducted by presenting two photos to 20 Mashable editors who own iPhones and asking them which one looked better. One of the two photos was taken with an iPhone 15 Pro Max and the other with a Google Pixel 8 Pro.

◆1st photo
Below is a photo of a high-rise building shaped like a honeycomb. The photo on the left has good contrast, and the photo on the right emphasizes the colors of the subject, especially the brown areas.

In the photo above, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is on the left and the Pixel 8 Pro is on the right. The result of the vote was the victory of Pixel 8 Pro.

◆Second photo
The subject is a huge hot air balloon-shaped monument in a shopping center, decorated with lots of lights. The photo on the left has a high color temperature and a warm tone. The photo on the right has a clear contrast, especially the black in the darkness.

The answer was a photo taken with a Pixel 8 Pro on the right and an iPhone 15 Pro Max on the left. The results of the vote showed that most people voted for the iPhone 15 Pro Max photo.

◆3rd photo
These are photos of a plaza surrounded by buildings in New York, both taken with an ultra-wide-angle camera. Compared to the left side, the colors on the right side are more clearly expressed, giving the impression of a sharper picture, with the green of the lawn and the blue of the signboard being more vivid.

The photo on the left was taken with Pixel 8 Pro, and the photo on the right was taken with iPhone 15 Pro Max. The results showed that the majority of people said that the photos taken by the iPhone 15 Pro Max were better.

◆4th photo
A 5x telephoto shot of the Empire State Building after sunset. Both photos were taken in night mode as the sun had set and it was dark. The light on the right side is more subdued than on the left, and the fine details of the building appear to be clearly visible.

According to the voting results, the right side, that is, the photo taken with Pixel 8 Pro, won the prize.

◆5th photo
A photograph taken at night with a 5x telephoto lens of the sign in front of a Rolex store. In the photo on the right, the crown-shaped logo and the word 'ROLEX' are quite clear. In contrast, the photo on the left gives a soft impression, as if the light is spreading out vaguely.

The answer was the iPhone 15 Pro Max on the left and the Pixel 8 Pro on the right. As expected, the Pixel 8 Pro won in the voting results, just like in the fourth photo, probably because the signboard looks clearer.

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