Headline news for November 15, 2023

Tully's Coffee will be offering limited menu items for the holiday season, in addition to the standard menu items ` `Irish Latte ' ' and ``Amacro Tree Gianduja Cream, '' they will also be introducing ` `&TEA Strawberry Mille-feuille Royal Milk Tea,'' `` Holiday Strawberry Chocolate,'' ``Caramel Churro Ribbon ,'' and `` Caramel Churro Ribbon .'' Velvet Cake Strawberry x Raspberry ” will be available from November 22, 2023 (Wednesday). By finishing it with a gorgeous appearance reminiscent of Christmas, it is said that it has become a drink and food that enlivens the holiday season. The price of 'Irish Latte' is 550 yen including tax for the short size, 605 yen including tax for the tall size, and 660 yen including tax for the grande size. The price of '&TEA Strawberry Mille-feuille Royal Milk Tea' is 575 yen including tax for the short size, 630 yen including tax for the tall size, and 685 yen for the grande size. “Holiday Strawberry Chocolate” is 640 yen including tax for the short size and 695 yen including tax for the tall size. In addition, the price of 'Caramel Churro Ribbon' is 370 yen including tax, 'Amacro Tree Gianduja Cream' is 350 yen including tax, and the price of 'Velvet Cake Strawberry x Raspberry' is 520 yen including tax.

“Have fun with your loved ones during the once-a-year holiday season” “Irish Latte”, “&TEA Strawberry Mille-feuille Royal Milk Tea” and more will be available from November 22nd (Wednesday) | Press Release | Company Information | TULLY'S COFFEE - tully's coffee

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``Shitty Property of the Year 2017'' where you can admire attractive shitty properties is being held, and talented properties will appear one after another - GIGAZINE

A Twitter employee who pointed out that Elon Musk's ``Twitter app is slow'' comment was wrong is fired - GIGAZINE

Terminator 2's bullet effect was not actually CG, valuable making footage is now available - GIGAZINE

Researchers claim that ``99% of exoplanets exist'' in a star just 6 light years away from Earth - GIGAZINE

Google agrees to pay approximately 55 billion yen for ``problem that continued tracking even after location information was turned off'' - GIGAZINE

Virtual currency exchange AAX suspends all transactions - GIGAZINE

◆Network (memos, etc.)

◆Science (science, academics, technology)
Living organisms do not go extinct even if essential genes are missing from their chromosomes - Discovery of a bacterium that has maintained ribosomal RNA genes only with plasmids for hundreds of millions of years - | Press release | Announcements | Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

“Are you making too much money from article subscription and publication fees?” A direct hit on that academic publisher | Mainichi Shimbun

Threatening academic freedom... Rally against national law reform bill to be voted on by committee on 15th | Mainichi Shimbun

◆Society/Politics/Economy (incidents, world news, business)
Israeli military releases video showing underground weapons storage in children's hospital in Gaza | Reuters

Gaza Strip medical crisis situation Israel wants to soften criticism | NHK | Israel/Palestine

Shortage of taxi drivers: Nagoya University professor points out that ``fares will be raised when congestion occurs'' to match demand | Aichi News

It turns out that there was a high-concentration PFAS leak at the U.S. military's Yokota Air Base in January. 760 liters of water contaminated with fire extinguishing foam...: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

UN staff casualties in Gaza rise to 101, 'highest in history'...Secretary-General says: 'We will never be forgotten': Yomiuri Shimbun

AFP refutes criticism of biased reporting, follows rules and does not call Hamas 'terrorists' 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

He also pointed out that the word 'terrorist' is a political expression and is sometimes used inaccurately. He explained that he is in line with other international news agencies, such as the Associated Press and Reuters, in not using the term standalone unless used in a quote.

Tax revenue nearly doubles... Ibaraki Prefecture to tax spent nuclear fuel stored at nuclear power plants, targeting Japan Atomic Energy Power and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Rengo Chairman Tomoko Yoshino meets Yuichiro Tamaki of the Democratic Party of the People and requests cooperation with the Democratic Party - Nihon Keizai Shimbun

“Support is down due to LGBT law” Liberal Democratic Party member Takatori speaks at conservative meeting | Kyodo News

Advance notification required for real estate disposal; LDP and government fail to protect property - former Unification Church, ruling and opposition parties have difficulties in talks: Jiji.com

There is no such thing as 'Jimny privilege'!! Tires sticking out are really good!? Why illegal modification of Jimny is tolerated - Automobile information magazine 'Best Car'

About 100 civilians killed in massacre in Burkina Faso village, EU announces - CNN.co.jp

48 Political Women's Party changes name to 'Party Created by Everyone' | NHK | National Diet

Video of overseas YouTuber suspected of riding the Shinkansen for free receives damage report | NHK | Railway

Google's Japanese subsidiary refuses collective bargaining due to layoffs; union files for relief | Mainichi Shimbun

[Breaking News] Nigeria also gives up on own pavilion at World Expo | 47NEWS (Yonana News)

Two countries decline participation in Osaka Expo: Mexico and Estonia | 47NEWS (Yonnana News)

90,000 signatures submitted calling for Expo's cancellation ``Public money is being spent like hot water'' | Kyodo News

Expo construction costs will be ``19,000 yen'' per Osaka citizen, mayor says, ``We take this additional burden seriously'' | Kansai News | News | Kansai Television Broadcasting Kantele

Chiba University of Science seeks ``publicization'' request for survival, considers Choshi City / Chiba | Mainichi Shimbun

Expo venue construction cost ``19,000 yen'' to be borne by Osaka citizens Mayor asks for understanding [Osaka Prefecture]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

North Korea “Succeeded in first ground combustion test of new missile engine” | NHK | North Korea Missile

Toru Hashimoto: ``There's no need to apologize'': Mayor of Osaka apologizes for Expo construction costs of 19,000 yen per citizen (Sponichi) | Mainichi Shimbun

On-site inspection of 5 companies including major travel companies; collusion in bidding for coronavirus business | NHK | New coronavirus

GDP from July to September annual rate -2.1%, negative for the first time in three quarters due to decreased food consumption, etc. | NHK | GDP

A trivial elementary school student's 'prank' turned into a gruesome incident that killed a couple in their 30s...A 58-year-old man denied murderous intent after using a knife, asking, 'Did you make them write down their address? Where did it hurt?' | HBC NEWS | HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting

Sanae Takaichi launches study group to solidify support for presidential election amid slump in Kishida Cabinet - Sankei News

Instantly kills Anisakis, the natural enemy of sashimi, with 100 million watts...The world's first machine processes 200,000 horse mackerel fillets a day

Myna insurance card usage rate drops for 6 consecutive months to 4.49% Digital Minister Kono, who is also in charge of administrative reform, receives criticism for not checking if he is involved | Smart FLASH/Smafura [Kobunsha Weekly Magazine]

Iceland residents evacuated for a few minutes due to fear of volcanic eruption 5 photos International News: AFPBB News

[Original] A total of 9 people who ``ate cannabis gummy'' were transported one after another in Tokyo including the ``Musashino Harappa Festival'' The Metropolitan Police Department is carefully assessing whether there are illegal ingredients | TBS NEWS DIG

Germany's defense minister says it will be difficult to reach EU goal by providing 1 million shells to Ukraine 3 photos International News: AFPBB News

The LDP and the Kokusai refrain from submitting a bill to preserve the assets of the former Unification Church | Mainichi Shimbun

``If you don't listen to what I say, I'll skip you!'' A former subordinate reveals the brutal power harassment of Eiko Jimi, Minister in charge of Expo 2020 ``Calls at 5 a.m., forced to retire due to depression...'' | Bunshun Online

◆Lifestyle (life, life, health)
When I looked into marbles, I found out that Americans are much more knowledgeable about marbles and they sell for 700,000 yen each, but what are these...? - Togetter

The chime rang, so I went out and saw that it was a suspicious salesman, so I tried to close the door → They took tough measures, almost like a robbery - Togetter

A story about an old man who is knowledgeable about food manufacturing considering the possibilities of Desafes ``muffins that smell like natto''...I don't think there was any malicious intent, but ignorance is a sin - Togetter

KEISUI ART STUDIO | I also tried the dark green 'round zucchini.' It's delicious when made into tempura.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | What I think when I see green chrysanthemums.

About an adult getting to know a minor and waiting for the child to become an adult before marrying or having a relationship - INVISIBLE D. -QUIET & COLORFUL PLACE-

A story about the amazing experience I had as a restaurant at Timey|Sotaro Karasawa

[X Archive] Let's talk about the importance of containers and packaging materials for food, using examples of soy sauce products from Yamasa and Kikkoman. |Itsuki@People inside food manufacturers

◆IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
“Private arrest type” YouTuber video filming Railway companies “do not approve” | NHK | Railway

World semiconductor giant KIOXIA's interim financial results record largest deficit | NHK | Semiconductors

User interaction is a ranking factor on Google, says Danny Sullivan #brightonSEO US

A summary of system failures at university co-ops due to domain name expiration - piyolog

◆Anime/Games/Manga (Subculture)
[Original] Consumption tax for overseas smartphone game operators, consideration of indirect collection from giant IT companies 6th tax reform - Sankei News

'Wonder Answer' Music Video │ Yuiyo Nina (CV. Tomori Kusunoki) - YouTube

Movie ``Kitaro Birth Gegege no Mystery'' Final Preview - YouTube

Movie “Totto-chan at the Window” Aimyon “Anone” theme song PV [Released on Friday, December 8th] - YouTube

'SHAMAN KING FLOWERS' opening theme released SPOT - YouTube

Access™ Controller Consultant Story | PlayStation®5 - YouTube

'Collapse: Star Rail' Ver.1.5 PV: 'Miyuki Genyatan' - YouTube

[Collapse: Star Rail] Setsuna's Star Journey: 'Hello...My name is Fofo' - YouTube

'Persona 5 Tactica' Kasumi Yoshizawa (CV. Sora Amemiya) DLC character PV - YouTube

The Elder Scrolls Online - Creative Director Rich Lambert Interview - YouTube

The Elder Scrolls Online - Japanese console version launch trailer - YouTube

'PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player' Initial Setup & Connection Method Introduction Movie - YouTube

[Preview video] 'Sonic Frontier' Expansion Soundtrack Paths Revisited - YouTube

The Elder Scrolls Online - 'Endless Vault' Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

◆Sports/Entertainment/Music/Movies (Entertainment)
Death of member ``Unable to confirm bullying'' Psychological burden due to rehearsals and guidance - Chairman to resign - Takarazuka Revue Company: Jiji.com

Takarazuka Revue's future actions after receiving the investigation report and recommendations from the investigation team made up of external lawyers | News | Takarazuka Revue official homepage

``What is the purpose of the investigation?'' Four members of the Cosmos Troupe refused hearings, criticized on social media | Mainichi Shimbun

Takarazuka Revue's contract leaves no voice raised, disadvantageous to members who 'do not object' | Mainichi Shimbun

Takarazuka Revue glorifies harassment as 'tradition' Hierarchical relationships continue from school | Mainichi Shimbun

Jenne's story about how she became depressed while managing her own FC

About the contestants of the 74th Kouhaku Uta Gassen - WASTE OF POPS 80s-90s

Toei VIRTUAL PRODUCTION starts - YouTube

New video [A glimmer of hope] Movie ``Godzilla-1.0'' 《Big hit screening now》 - YouTube

◆New products (clothing, food, shelter)
Menya Suzuran, a famous restaurant in Sapporo Susukino that is only open late at night, miso ramen new release on 2023/11/20 | Acecook Co., Ltd.

“Myojo Tokyo Design College Collaboration Late Night Ending Ramen Plum Flavored Shijimi Dashi Salt Flavor” (Released on November 27th) | Myojo Foods

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