Google apparently paid 4 trillion yen to become the default search engine for all platforms

Google offers a variety of Internet-related services, including search engines, browsers, and advertising services. Google is being sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for ``

illegally monopolizing the search engine market, '' but in this lawsuit, Google plans to become the default search engine for browsers in 2021. It was revealed that they had invested as much as 100 million dollars (approximately 3.94 trillion yen).

Google paid $26.3 billion in 2021 to be the default search for Apple, Firefox, and more - The Verge

Web browsers and search engines are used when viewing content on the Internet. Google has developed and provides Chrome as its own browser, and according to data from the statistical tool Statcounter , Chrome's share in the browser market is 63.45% as of September 2023. Naturally, Google search is set as the default search engine in Chrome.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

There are multiple browser options other than Chrome, but Google is aiming to make Google search the default search engine for Safari, which is known as the default browser on Apple devices, by 2020. It has been revealed that Apple paid US dollars (approximately 430 billion to 750 billion yen at the exchange rate at that time) to Apple.

``Amount paid by Google to become the iPhone's default search engine'' is mentioned in antitrust lawsuit and Apple's lawyer protests - GIGAZINE

The lawsuit, which examines whether Google violates antitrust laws in the search engine market, states that Google is seeking to make Google Search the default search engine on multiple browsers, smartphones, and platforms by 2021. It was revealed that the company had paid a total of $26.3 billion to the company.

This number was revealed during an interrogation of Prabhakar Raghavan, the head of Google Search. The numbers were made public at the beginning of the fourth week of October 2023, after discussions were held between Google, the US Department of Justice, and Judge Amit Mehta, who is in charge of the case, on whether to release specific numbers. Ta. Judge Mehta called for more information to be disclosed throughout the trial, and explained that this information was one of the important new pieces of information that should be shared publicly.

Alphabet, Google's parent company, has reported that the Google search advertising business recorded sales of approximately $165 billion (approximately 24.7 trillion yen) in 2022, so a simple calculation shows that the advertising business of Google Search in 2022 recorded sales of approximately 165 billion dollars (approximately 24.7 trillion yen). Foreign media The Verge pointed out that Google spends about 16% of its revenue on making Google search the default search engine.

Of the $26.3 billion Google spent to become the default search engine in 2021, most of it went to payments to Apple. The New York Times reports that ``Google paid approximately $18 billion (approximately 2.69 trillion yen) in 2021 to become Safari's default search engine.''

Google is paying developer Mozilla to make Google Search the default search engine for Firefox, and it also seems to be investing money to make it the default search engine for Samsung's Galaxy devices. In addition, it seems that it has entered into contracts and paid funds with device manufacturers, wireless carriers, and platformers to make Google search the default search engine.

Mr. Raghavan testified that Google is always at risk of losing users with the emergence of apps and services such as TikTok and ChatGPT, and talked about how important it is to be the default search engine on all devices and services. I spoke. Raghavan said that services such as Yelp and Amazon are also competitors to Google, and that in order to stay relevant and compete with various platforms in a fiercely competitive market, Google 'must do everything in its power to compete.' He also said that it would not happen.

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