'Game Engines Database' where you can narrow down your search for over 130 game engines by 'price', 'language', 'platform', etc.

Many game developers have given up on Unity, which was later

revised to accept user feedback after announcing a pricing structure that would charge a fee based on the number of installs. Game Engines Database is a game engine search site recommended for developers who have decided to leave Unity but are wondering which game engine to move to next.

Game Engines Database

A wide variety of game engines are registered in the Game Engines Database, including Murder Engine , Narrat Engine , Defold , Godot , Unreal Engine , and GameMaker . At the time of writing, you can find 137 different engines.

Click on the name of each engine to see official and source code links (if available), a brief engine description, file size, license, version and release date, development platform, supported platforms, programming language, genre, features, etc. can be checked at a glance.

You can search by entering the name of the game engine in 'Engine name' or narrowing down the genre such as 'Software license'. For licenses, you can narrow down your search by 'Any,' '

Open Source,' ' Source Available,' or ' Proprietary .'

Pricing models are 'Completely Free,' 'Partially Free,' 'Subscription,' and 'Paid.'

Sizes are 'Small (~200MB)', 'Medium (200MB~2GB)', and 'Large (2GB~)'

Development platforms are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Web.

Compatible platforms are 'Windows', 'Mac', 'Linux', 'iOS', 'Android', 'Web', 'Xbox', 'PlayStation', 'Nintendo Switch', 'Gameboy', 'NES'

Programming languages are 'C++', 'C', 'C#', 'Python', 'Go', 'Lua', 'Rust', 'Pascal', 'Wren', 'F#', 'Kotlin', 'Java', 'Javascript', 'Typescript', 'Dart', 'Ruby' ”, “Zig”, “Haxe”, “BASIC”, “Ink”, “Fennel”, “Squirrel”, “Janet”, “Moonscript”, “CoffeeScript”

Genres are ``2D'', ``3D'', ``

Agnostic '', ``RPG'', ``Adventure'', `` Interactive Fiction'', ``Visual Novel'', ``Action'', and ``Point&Click''. Point & Click)” “Puzzle”

The functions are 'Own Script Language', 'Visual Programming', 'Education', 'AR/VR', 'ECS', 'Editor', 'Own Metaverse' 'Fantasy Console'.

It was also possible to propose registration of engines not listed here.

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