Taking advantage of the UFO boom, Amazon holds a ``UFO sighting contest with a prize of 149 million yen''

The 'Ring Million Dollar Sighting Contest' has been held since October 4, 2023 to promote sales of the surveillance camera brand 'Ring.' If you submit ``sighting information of extraterrestrial life forms'' reflected on Ring products, you can win a prize of 1 million dollars (about 149 million yen).

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Amazon manages the 'Ring' brand, which develops doorbells and surveillance camera products, and has so far sold Wi-Fi compatible doorbells and solar panel compatible surveillance camera products. One of the surveillance cameras looks like this.

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In the contest that started on October 4th, a prize of $50,000 (approximately 7.4 million yen) for 20 years will be awarded to one user who takes a picture of an extraterrestrial life form with a Ring product.

Amazon's announcement reads, 'Contact Mission Control. Sensors have detected signs of unidentified life in a nearby nebula and would like you to investigate. Extraterrestrial activity may be occurring right outside your door. It seems that the wording 'Yes' was written, but it could not be confirmed at the time of writing the article.

Amazon says, ``Whether it's a video of an extraterrestrial creature walking (or flying) down your driveway, or an unidentified life form exhibiting unusual behavior in your backyard, we'll accept your best footage. Submit it! All footage shot with Ring will be verified and validated by space and extraterrestrial experts.'

Even if you can't photograph extraterrestrial life forms, there is also a sub-campaign in which you can get a $500 (about 74,000 yen) Amazon gift card by cosplaying and reproducing the sightings of extraterrestrial life forms. Unfortunately, only U.S. residents can participate in the contest.

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