Ransomware group claims to have hacked all of Sony's systems

Cyber Security Connect , an Australian cybersecurity media, points out the existence of a ransomware group ``Ransomed.vc'' that has hacked ``every system'' at Sony.

Ransomed.vc group claims hack on 'all of Sony systems' - Cyber Security Connect

'All Of Sony Systems' Allegedly Hacked By New Ransomware Group

Ransomed.vc is a ransomware group that has been operating since September 2023, but according to Cyber Security Connect, ``it has connections to forums and groups on the dark web in the past.'' Ransomed.vc has access to 6,000 files in Sony's possession as evidence of the hack, including a screenshot of Sony's internal login page, an internal PowerPoint presentation document outlining test benchmark details, and multiple Java files. It is claimed that it has become.

Ransomed.vc says, ``We have successfully compromised all of Sony's systems.'' ``We will not demand a ransom from Sony! We will sell the data obtained through hacking.'' 'We sell data. We sell data,' he said, explaining that the data stolen through hacking will be used for sales, not for ransom demands.

The 6,000 files made accessible by Ransomed.vc include an unknown build log file, a set of Java resources, and a large amount of documentation including HTML data, most of which are in Japanese. Ransomed.vc does not disclose the selling price of the data, but since the 'posting date' is September 28th, there is a possibility that the data will be leaked if a buyer for the data is not found by this time. there is.

Ransomed.vc appears to be a ransomware operator and an organization that provides ransomware as a service. In other words, in parallel with large-scale hacking of major companies, we also provide services that report vulnerabilities and legal violations in corporate systems while complying with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data privacy laws. It seems like it is. According to game media

VGC , Ransomed.vc is a ransomware group active in Russia and Ukraine. Cyber Security Connect also reports that ``Ransomed.vc uses the law to bully victims into submission.''

At the time of writing the article, Sony had not announced that it had been hacked, and Kotaku, an overseas game media, has asked Sony for comment, but as of the time of writing the article, no response has been received.

This is not the first time Sony has been hacked on a large scale. In 2011, the PlayStation Network suffered a major breach, with approximately 77 million registered accounts compromised and online functionality completely cut off. Since the number of files that Ransomed.vc can access is less than 6,000, ``It does not seem like it will cause as much damage as the PlayStation Network hack that took place in 2011,'' Kotaku reports.

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In response to the hacking allegations, Sony releases a statement saying that it has ``started an investigation'', but the situation is confusing after another hacker appears who says ``Actually, I did it'' - GIGAZINE

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