A large-scale survey “State of HTML 2023” that may influence the future of web development has started

A survey project called ` `State of HTML '' has been launched to survey web developers about their usage of HTML. This project is sponsored by Google and Nizibox , and will influence the roadmap priorities for browser development.

State of HTML

State of HTML 2023 now open! • Lea Verou

In web development, HTML is a commonly used language along with JavaScript and CSS, and also serves as the basis for various web services and web pages. HTML, which is standardized by the World Wide Web 's international standardization organization World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), was devised by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and has since been revised repeatedly, adding various elements and functions.

State of HTML is a project led by W3C participant and computer scientist Léa Verou . 'We went into this project wondering if there were enough features in HTML to explore, but when we opened the lid we quickly discovered that the opposite was true,' said Verrow. 'We consulted not only the developer community, but also browsers, standards bodies, and community groups to weigh the tradeoffs and decide what to cut.'

State of HTML has a total of 131 questions, and many of the questions are about cutting-edge HTML functionality. 'Absolutely! You don't have to fill it out perfectly all at once. Once you create an account, you can edit your responses at any time while the survey is live, and you can split your responses across multiple devices.' urged caution.

Also, some of the questions are related to JavaScript, and Mr. Verou said, ``Many JavaScript APIs are inherently related to HTML. , the Web Components API, which includes questions about APIs used to develop web apps.

It supports not only English but also many languages such as Japanese, Spanish, German, French, etc., but the translation is not perfect because it is worked on by the community. At the time of writing the article, only the answer part had been translated into Japanese.

The results of the State of HTML will be used as a reference when proceeding with HTML development, Verrow said, ``It will also help browser vendors prioritize their development roadmaps and work on improving compatibility. , taking the time to answer carefully can pay off tenfold.'

The State of HTML survey can be accessed from the following page.

State of HTML

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