"HTML 5.1" will be scheduled with recommendation in September 2016, technical specification will be widely released at GitHub

ByRandall Benson

Advance standardization of web technologyW3CThe Web Platform Working Group's latest HTML specification "HTML 5.1We are announcing plans to recommend in September 2016. In this version, disclosure of technical specificationsGitHubIs used, and access from a wide range of layers is made possible than before.

Working on HTML 5.1 | W3C Blog

HTML 5.1 begins to take shape on GitHub | InfoWorld

The Web Platform Working Group announced plans on April 6, 2016 blog. Recommended in October 2014HTML5We are taking over from the W3C HTML Working Group, which has finished the HTML 5.1 formulation, which will be the next version of the version, and we are making amendments for the recommendation.

In order to be in time for the September recommendation, candidate recommendations (Candidate Recommendation) based on the latest working draft (draft) must be released in mid-June. A number of changes will be added during this period, but the working group has published the specification document in Github of software development platform to facilitate the sharing of change information.

GitHub - w3c / html: Working Draft of the HTML specification

The working group is requesting GitHub to propose grammar mistakes and notations that are difficult to understand, and intends to collect voices from a wide range of people. In addition, I am aiming to formulate a workflow that can publish a stable version of HTML as a W3C recommendation once a year.

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W3C publishes "HTML 5.1" as a recommendation - GIGAZINE

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