Meta is developing AI chatbot 'Gen AI Personas' with various personalities, including 'cheeky robot' for young people

The Wall Street Journal reported that Meta is developing a chatbot using generative AI called ' Gen AI Personas .' Gen AI Personas is expected to be announced at Meta's developer event '

Meta Connect 2023 ' to be held from September 27, 2023.

Meta to Push for Younger Users With New AI Chatbot Characters - WSJ

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With the rise of ChatGPT, many technology manufacturers are working on developing their own chatbots and generative AI. The Wall Street Journal reported that Meta is developing ``Gen AI Personas'' that can set various ``personas'' for chatbots like ChatGPT.

As of June 2023, Instagram, one of the SNS apps developed by Meta, is testing an AI chatbot that can select the personality that suits you from among 30 personalities. It was made clear.

According to internal Meta chats obtained exclusively by the Wall Street Journal, the company is developing a persona named 'Sassy Robot' inspired by the Manbot (male robot) vendor from Futurama . , appears to be testing various AI personas, including a persona named ``Alvin the Alien'' who is full of curiosity.

However, some employees seem to be concerned that these chatbots were developed to collect users' personal information. A particularly problematic chatbot outputs to a Meta employee, 'When you're with a girl, everything is an experience. If she tries to vomit on you, it's definitely an experience.' Apparently he did.

Meta seems to be developing chatbots with various personalities like this. According to the Wall Street Journal, Meta is also working on developing 'a tool that allows celebrities to create their own chatbots to interact with fans.' In addition, Meta may also be working on developing a productivity-focused chatbot that can assist with coding and other tasks.

Meghana Dhar, a former Instagram executive, responded to this report by saying, ``Gen Z is definitely comfortable with new technology.'' Furthermore, we speculate that Meta's reason for developing a chatbot is ``to increase the opportunity to post advertisements, just like we do with new products.''

At Meta Connect 2023, Meta's new VR device, Meta Quest 3, will be announced.

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