Google announces ``SynthID'', a tool that adds digital watermarks to ``images generated by image generation AI'' and prevents the spread of fakes

On August 29, 2023, local time, Google's AI research division `

` Google Deepmind '' put a watermark (electronic watermark) in the image generated by AI, clearly indicating that it was an image generated by AI. announced the release of the beta version of ' SynthID ', a tool to prevent the spread of At the time of article creation, it is only available for image generation AI `` Imagen '' on Google's machine learning platform `` Vertex AI ''.

Identifying AI-generated images with SynthID

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Co-developed by Google DeepMind and Google Cloud, SnythID is a tool that embeds digital watermarks into the pixels of AI-generated images. DeepMind said, ``Generative AI can greatly expand the possibilities of creation, but it also brings new risks that did not exist before, such as allowing creators to intentionally or unintentionally spread false information. It is very important to be able to identify AI-generated content using digital watermarks and other means to prevent the spread of false information.'

At the annual developer conference `` Google I / O '' held in May 2023, Google announced that it would announce a tool to add digital watermarks to AI-generated images.

SnythID is a technology that embeds a digital watermark in an image that cannot be identified by the human eye. Looking at the comparison images below, you can see that the difference between the watermarked image (left) and the original image (right) is almost indistinguishable.

SynthID watermarks remain intact even if you apply filters, recolors, cropping, compression, or other edits to the image. In addition, SnythID's digital watermark is embedded in the pixels of the image, so it will remain intact even if the metadata is lost or deleted.

SynthID also has a function to identify whether the target image was generated by AI or not, and the target image is classified as 'digital watermark detected', 'digital watermark not detected', or 'generated by AI'. It can be judged at three levels: 'There is a possibility that the image is

At the time of article creation, SynthID is only available for image generation AI 'Imagen' on Vertex AI, but it may be available for other image generation AIs in the future. Furthermore, Google DeepMind says, 'As SnythID evolves, it may be applicable to AI models and modalities other than images such as audio, video, and text.'

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