Teens who performed TikTok challenge are charged with terrorism

Three teenage boys from Kentucky, USA, who participated in the 'TikTok Challenge,' in which users from all over the world posted videos on a specific theme, threatened to commit a violent crime or physically injured others. It turned out that he had been indicted for terrorism threats that punish the act of threatening to inflict.

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Kentucky high school teens charged with 'terroristic threats' after TikTok challenge - CBS News

According to investigators, three 15-year-old boys at Oldham County High School in Kentucky each caused a separate incident. Specifically, it recorded a boy telling a teacher that he had a bomb or a gun in his rucksack, which was related to the challenge on TikTok.

As a result of the above acts, two people were charged with second-class terrorism intimidation charges (PDF file) and one person was charged with third-class terrorist intimidation charges (PDF file) as defined by Kentucky law. The weight of the crime is heavier in the former, and it will be considered a felony with a maximum prison sentence of 10 to 25 years and a maximum fine of $ 250,000 (about 37 million yen).

Oldham County High School has issued a message to all families warning students that they will face 'serious consequences' if they participate in the TikTok challenge.

Eric Davis, director of student services at Oldham County High School, called the incident a 'huge mess.' “While we are aware that some have argued that criminal charges are not warranted, threats like this, even in jest, force us to deal with them, whether in writing or verbally. I will take all threats, whether they are deaf or not, seriously.'

In a similar TikTok challenge, some dangerous acts are performed not only by children but also by parents, such as a challenge in which parents crack an egg on their child's forehead, and a ``fainting challenge'' in which they suffocate themselves and faint. I know

TikTok's 'fainting challenge' epidemic kills more than 15 children under the age of 12 in a year and a half, why can't users under the age of 13 be excluded? -GIGAZINE

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