Scientific journal Nature gives a skeptical view on ``LK-99'' that it is a normal temperature and pressure superconductor

In July 2023, a research team at the Korea University Quantum Energy Research Center published a paper on ``materials that realize superconductivity at normal temperature and pressure'', causing a great sensation. However, the reproduction experiments conducted in various places are not going well, and science writer Dan Garist said in the scientific journal Nature, ``Researchers are skeptical.''

Claimed superconductor LK-99 is an online sensation — but replication efforts fall short

The announcement of the Quantum Energy Research Center was `` Superconductivity at normal temperature and pressure '', but at the time of writing the article, there was no group that could reproduce superconductivity at normal temperature and pressure. We have confirmed superconductivity at about minus 163 degrees). This is a fairly high temperature for a superconductor compared to previous research, but it is too low to be called 'normal temperature'. Also, the 'Meissner effect' seen in superconductors was not confirmed.

About the normal temperature normal pressure superconductor ``LK-99'' reproduction experiment, Southeast University team announced that ``zero resistance'' was observed at minus 163 degrees - GIGAZINE

When the paper was first published, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States had published research results supporting the existence of 'LK-99'.

Research results supporting the existence of the dream normal temperature and pressure superconductor ``LK-99'' will be announced one after another, and a video suggesting that the reproduced LK-99 is a superconducting substance is also released-GIGAZINE

However, Dr. Sinead Griffin of the Institute later took a step back, saying, 'The report does not prove superconductivity or present evidence.'

Inna Visik of the University of California, Davis, has been skeptical from the beginning, saying, ``Such unidentified superconductors occasionally appear in arXiv.There is about one a year.'' I'm here.

In addition, Mr. Visic pointed out that the expectation that the progress of superconductivity would affect the technology used in everyday life is ``misplaced'' and that room temperature superconductors will be put into practical use. I said there are no guarantees.

In addition, the Quantum Energy Research Center has released a movie that confirmed superconductivity at normal temperature and normal pressure, but Eric Asling of Binghamton University, who feels that this is a hype, has a video of shaking a fork floating with a transparent tape. create. 'I thought, 'Who will be convinced by this?'' he said.

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