A paper & movie will be released that states that `` a substance that becomes superconducting at room temperature and normal pressure '' has been developed

A research paper in which a Korean research team has realized `` superconductivity at room temperature and normal pressure '' has been published on the preprint server arXiv. The research team has also released a movie that shows how

magnetic levitation occurs due to superconductivity.

The First Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor

Superconductor Pb 10−x Cu x (PO 4 ) 6O showing levitation at room temperature and atmospheric pressure and mechanism

When a specific substance is cooled to a certain temperature, it enters a superconducting state with zero electrical resistance. Superconductivity has the characteristics of 'transmitting energy with zero loss' and 'generating a strong magnetic field', and is applied in various fields such as linear motor cars and MRI. However, in order to create a superconducting state, it is necessary to cool the substance to an extremely low temperature, so in order to reduce the cooling cost, development of a substance that becomes superconducting even at relatively high temperatures has been underway.

In the materials developed so far, it was necessary to cool them to a temperature well below minus 100 degrees even though they were 'relatively high temperature'. Meanwhile, on July 22, 2023, a research team led by researchers belonging to the Korean research institute 'Quantum Energy Research Center' published a paper stating that they had achieved 'superconductivity at room temperature and normal pressure.' bottom.

Superconductors have ' perfect diamagnetism (Meissner effect) ' that magnetizes them in the opposite direction so as to cancel out the magnetic field from the outside. The research team has released a movie showing that the developed superconductor 'LK-99' has the Meissner effect.

A movie that is said to be ``confirmed the magnetic levitation of superconductors at room temperature and normal pressure''-YouTube

Move a small piece of superconductor 'LK-99' onto a coin-shaped magnet.

Then, one end of 'LK-99' floated up.

A research paper claiming that `` superconductivity was realized at room temperature '' was published by another research team in 2020. However, in the paper published in 2020, it was necessary to put the substance in a high-pressure environment of 1 gigapascal (10,000 bar), and the announcement was withdrawn after it was pointed out that ``data is lacking.'' It's getting to the point. Since this paper was only published on the preprint server at the time of article creation, it seems necessary to pay attention to future verification results.

In 2020, the research team, which claimed to have achieved superconductivity at room temperature and later withdrew the announcement, published a paper in March 2023 stating that it had achieved superconductivity at room temperature. There are skeptical opinions based on past performance.

An epoch-making paper that realized `` room temperature superconductivity '' will be announced, but there are voices of suspicion from the research team's past suspicions of fraud - GIGAZINE

The scientific journal Science explains a paper that synthesizes a substance that becomes ``superconducting'' at normal temperature and pressure-GIGAZINE

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