40 skulls are found in one room of the apartment, involved in body trading

Forty human skulls were found in a room in an apartment in Kentucky, USA. The FBI is talking to James Nott, who lived in the apartment, and is investigating in connection with the body trading network.

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According to the FBI, skulls were scattered in the knot room, and femoral (roughly) bones and hip bones were also found. One skull was wrapped in a headscarf, while the other had knots on the mattress on which he always slept.

Knott allegedly used Facebook to sell the remains, but the sale of the remains itself is not illegal in Kentucky. However, Knott has been convicted in a separate case in the past and was arrested and charged on suspicion of possessing a firearm that should have been banned.

The FBI has linked Knott to a body trafficking network to conduct an investigation. According to the FBI, Knott used a Facebook account named William Burke to post a post claiming to sell human bones in June 2023, where Knott sent a picture of the skull to a person named Jeremy Pauley. I know that

Pauly was arrested in the summer of 2022 and was suspected of being involved in a body trading network because human organs, skin, and bones were found in his home. During the interrogation, Pauly leaked information about the body trading network, and after the investigation, it turned out that Cedric Lodge, who worked at the Harvard Medical School morgue, was involved in the network. The FBI arrested Lodge.

Lodge and his wife are accused of stealing body parts and selling them online, as well as placing customers Katrina McLean and Joshua Taylor in the morgue. It has also been pointed out that he was allowed to choose the parts of the corpse to purchase. On the other hand, McLean and Taylor are suspected of reselling the bodies to Pauly and others for profit.

The Lodges, Paulie, McLean and Taylor, and Matthew Lampe, who allegedly bought Paulie's body, were charged with conspiracy and interstate transportation of stolen goods. The maximum federal penalty for this offense is 15 years in prison, followed by supervised release, and a fine. According to reports, Pauly plans to plead guilty and the Lodges have pleaded not guilty.

Pennsylvania Attorney's Office Judge Gerald Callum, who presided over the case, said: 'Some crimes are beyond comprehension. The theft and sale of bodies undermines what makes us human. This case is particularly egregious given that many of the victims (corpses) have volunteered to have their remains used to advance the education of medical professionals and scientific interests.' .

The knots arrested this time have been detained without bail, and the arraignment will be held on August 4, 2023. Although it has not been linked to the Lodges at this time, it seems that a Harvard Medical School bag was found in Knott's room.

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