An update for Pixel in June 2023 has started distribution, and there are many new functions such as 'Macro focus support for videos' and 'Start self-timer just by holding your hand'

On June 13, 2023, local time, the distribution of the software update `` Feature Drop '' for the Pixel series of Google smartphones began. There are many additional features that you can take advantage of on Pixel, Pixel Watch, and Fitbit devices.

Hands-free photos, SpO2 and more for the Pixel family

◆Safety function by Google Assistant
You can now use your voice to ask Google Assistant on your Pixel to share emergency information and schedule safety checks. For example, if you're heading out for an evening run, just say 'OK Google, start 30 minute safety check.' Emergency contacts will be notified and your real-time location will be shared if you do not respond to safety checks within a set time.

◆ Enhanced safety on the go
Vehicle collision detection on Pixel will allow users to contact emergency services in the event of a severe collision, as well as share real-time location and call status with emergency contacts.

◆Macro focus video of Pixel 7 Pro
'Macro Focus' installed in Pixel 7 Pro will be able to use not only still images but also videos.

◆ Easier hands-free photography
On Pixel 6 and later models, if you set the self-timer to 3 or 10 seconds, you can start the timer simply by raising your palm.

◆ Wallpaper conversion using AI
Pixel 6 and later models can use AI to transform 2D wallpaper photos into dynamic 3D scenes. Along with this comes a feature called “Emoji Wallpaper”, where you can combine over 4000 emojis in different patterns and colors to create a live wallpaper that matches your personality and mood.

◆ Recorder labeling
The Recorder app allows you to transcribe recordings, but starting the week of June 20, 2023, Pixel 6 and later models will be able to transcribe to Google Docs, generate video clips with speaker labels, and tell who said what. Added the ability to search for

◆ Improved Google Home
The Google Home app gives you quick access to your favorite smart home devices right from your Pixel's lock screen.

◆ Smarter haptics
The Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a can now reduce the strength of vibrations when the phone detects that it is placed on a hard, flat surface like a desk or table.

◆ Charging according to your habits
'Adaptive charging', which adjusts the charging speed during a set time period, has evolved, and Google AI can now be used to extend the life of Pixel's battery. When you connect the charging cable, AI can predict the schedule from your charging habits so far and slowly charge to 100% one hour before you expect to unplug the cable.

The voice of the new Google Assistant

Two new voices have been added to the English version of Google Assistant.

◆Oxygen saturation monitoring
You can now see oxygen saturation (SpO2) on your Pixel Watch, allowing you to understand changes in oxygen levels in your blood that can affect your sleep quality.

◆ Abnormal heart rate detection
Pixel Watch continuously records heart rate day and night, but now you can send notifications when your heart rate is abnormally high or low.

◆ Google Assistant supports new languages
Google Assistant on Pixel Watch now supports Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish and Spanish.

◆Adding Spotify
Adds tiles that let you quickly start a Spotify DJ session, listen to podcasts, and check out your favorite songs on your Pixel Watch.

◆ Detects exercise pauses
Pixel Watch will automatically pause tracking when you're running, walking, or biking when you're waiting for a traffic light or taking a breather, and resume automatically when you start again.

Added Pixel Watch accessories

Metal link band ' will be added to the band for Pixel Watch. There are two types, 'Brushed Silver' and 'Matte Black', and they are scheduled to be released in the spring of 2024.

A health and fitness upgrade for your Fitbit device
The exercise menu on your Fitbit device now shows the most recent workout modes at the top, providing a complete list of available exercise modes for easy access.

◆ Visualization of health status
You can easily check the 'Daily Readiness Score' on your Fitbit device, which allows you to check whether your current health condition is suitable for workouts. This lets you know when your body is ready to tackle a workout or should prioritize rest.

◆ Menstrual health tile
You can check your period record, view your cycle status, and edit information on your Fitbit device without opening your smartphone.

◆ Fitbit devices support more languages
With new characters and right-to-left text support, receive text in Hindi, read caller ID in Arabic, view calendar events in Vietnamese, and read notifications in many languages You will be able to.

◆ Switching clock styles
You can now change the clock face of your Fitbit smartwatch by simply pressing and holding the home screen.

A new clock face
Four new watch faces will be added to the gallery in the Fitbit app. From sleek and stylish designs to sporty designs packed with health stats.

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