Contents announced at Apple's `` WWDC 23 '' Summary, Apple's first AR headset `` Vision Pro '' and `` M2 Ultra '' Tim Cook said `` the largest announcement in WWDC history '' suitable for content

The developer conference `` WWDC '' held by Apple every June was held in 2023. In addition to the mixed reality (MR) headset that has been rumored for a long time being announced as ' Vision Pro ', information on the next major version of various OSs developed by Apple, M2 Ultra , which will be the highest spec in Apple silicon history. And so on, it has become 'the largest announcement in the history of WWDC'.

WWDC23-Apple Developer

Before the WWDC23 keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, ``WWDC is always one of my favorite moments of the year, and this time it will be the best moment ever for us.'' and tweeted, suggesting that there was something big to announce.

The keynote speech of WWDC23 is scheduled to be delivered live on YouTube and can be checked from the following.

WWDC 2023 — June 5 | Apple-YouTube

``Today we will make the largest announcement in WWDC history,'' said CEO Tim Cook.

The contents announced at the keynote speech of WWDC23 are as follows.

・June 06, 2023 02:07
15-inch ``MacBook Air'' with M2 chip from Apple has appeared, the world's thinnest as a 15-inch notebook - GIGAZINE

・June 06, 2023 02:17
Apple announces the strongest spec chip 'M2 Ultra' for 2 M2 Max, Mac Pro with M2 Ultra starts from amazing 1 million yen - GIGAZINE

・June 06, 2023 02:22
Apple announces the latest version of the OS for iPhone 'iOS 17', what kind of new features will be added? -GIGAZINE

・June 06, 2023 02:39
Next-generation OS 'iPadOS 17' for iPad announced, lock screen can be customized and stage manager evolved more flexibly - GIGAZINE

・June 06, 2023 02:46
Announcement of the next major version of OS for Mac 'macOS Sonoma', director Hideo Kojima appeared and Mac version of Death Stranding also announced - GIGAZINE

・June 06, 2023 03:14
``watchOS 10'' announced, new features for Apple Watch appear one after another - GIGAZINE

・June 06, 2023 03:24
Apple announces AR headset 'Vision Pro', freed from the limitation of display, allowing you to operate your favorite applications with your eyes, hands and voice wherever you like-GIGAZINE

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