I tried various shots with Xperia 1 V, ``It is possible to shoot like a digital camera with a full-size sensor''

The Xperia 1 V, which is scheduled to be released in June 2023, is equipped with three lenses: ultra-wide-angle 16mm, wide-angle 24mm, and telephoto 85mm-125mm. In particular, the sensor for the wide-angle 24mm lens is a newly developed two-layer transistor pixel stacked CMOS. It is equipped with the image sensor 'Exmor T for mobile'. The sensor, which is about 1.7 times larger than the previous model, can capture more light, enabling high-sensitivity and low-noise shooting. Combining the strengths of this sensor with the latest image processing technology makes it possible to take ``

shooting equivalent to a digital camera equipped with a full-size sensor' ' even with annotations, so it can be used indoors or outdoors. I took it to and took a picture.

Xperia 1 V | Xperia Official Site

The appearance of the terminal is summarized in the following article.

``Xperia 1 V'' exterior review with overwhelming descriptive power with an image sensor that is about 1.7 times larger than the previous model - GIGAZINE

All the photos in the article below were taken using Xperia's exclusive photo app '

Photography Pro '.

'Photography Pro' is an application dedicated to Xperia equipped with a shutter button, and one of the features is that there is no shutter button in the application when the terminal is held sideways.

However, when the terminal is held vertically, the displayed information changes, and a shutter button appears at the bottom of the screen. If you hold the bottom of the terminal with one hand, you can press the shutter with the other hand.

The photos were taken with a wide angle of 24mm and 'auto' mode, unless otherwise noted. Since the detailed settings are basically the default, 'Drive mode: Single shooting', 'Focus mode: Continuous AF', 'Focus area: Wide', 'Face/eye AF: Both ON', 'Night shooting: Auto' .

Also, when posting, I have reduced the size from the original size of 4000px x 3000px, so please capture the image of 'I can take a picture with this kind of composition and color'. In addition, those described as 'same size' are thumbnail images cut out from the original photo with a long side of 560px, and when clicked, a photo cut out from the original photo with a long side of 1200px is posted.

First of all, I took it out in the city under fine weather.

Glico billboard in Dotonbori.

It is like this when cutting out the upper body at the same size.

Tsutenkaku seen from the Ebisucho shopping street (northwest).

It looks like this when cut out at the same size so that the observatory enters.

If you shoot this with a telephoto lens of 85 mm, it will look like this.

It's like this when it's equal. You can see not only the observatory, but also the special outdoor observatory above, where people are taking pictures or something.

If you shoot with 375 mm of digital zoom (super resolution AI zoom), you can get here.

It is like this when cutting a part at the same size. Although it is not possible to shoot clearly as expected, it is hand-held shooting without using a tripod, so you can see that a fairly powerful camera shake correction is working. If you want to upload it to SNS or use it in a reduced size, you won't have any problems.

Shinsekai International Theater, a movie theater, is a 2-minute walk from Tsutenkaku Tower.

A tasteful hand-painted signboard cut out at the same size.

Tower of the Sun and Osaka Monorail

When I cut it out at the same size, the silhouette of the driver in the driver's seat was clearly captured in the monorail part.

The tower of the sun that was also cut out at the same size. I feel like the surface details are getting rougher.

One piece looking up at the monorail that left Expo Memorial Park Station. I'm just getting backlit.

Looking at it at the same size, the color is expressed in such a way that the vehicle number is not obscured and the shadow is not too strong.

A flower photographed with a telephoto 85mm. An insect just flew by.

Some petals are blurry like an afterimage because they were swaying in the wind. Shutter speed is 1/500s.

When the insect part is displayed at the same size, it looks like this. I can shoot the pattern of the body part and the streaks of the wings.

Sunlight filtering through the trees.

I was looking up at the direction where the sun is shining, and there is a part where the green of the leaves can be seen through.

Black rhino Samia at

Tennoji Zoo .

Eyes are characterized by being patchy, and eye tracking was performed by real-time eye AF, which performs AF calculations 60 times per second when the shutter is half-pressed. For those who shoot children and animals, it is a great part to recognize face recognition and eye recognition firmly.

However, there were cases where the focus was not well on the other side of fences and nets.

It's not that 'fences are completely useless', but there are examples where the focus is correct.

Even when the screen is locked, you can start Photography Pro by pressing and holding the shutter button. Just then Martha the sun bear was doing something cute.

Abeno Harukas is still the tallest building in Japan as of May 2023.

If you shoot from the Abeno Pedestrian Bridge on the west side of Tennoji Station with a super wide-angle 16mm, you can shoot from the top of Harukas to the Osaka City Bus running under the intersection.

Looking at the same size, it seems that it is not possible to focus on the corners of the building.

It is like this when it is telephoto 85 mm.

If you look at the same size, you can see that the pillars in the building are well reflected.

The flow of the Ai River.

Same size. I pointed the camera at once and took a picture without thinking about anything, but I was able to capture even the splashing water droplets.

Hankyu trains passing each other on the bridge, local trains bound for Osaka-Umeda and local trains bound for Takatsukishi. It's cloudy that the weather looks like it's going to be bad at once.

Even if you look at it at 1:1, you can shoot the train bound for Osaka-Umeda clearly with little blurring, probably because it is slowing down toward the station.

On the other hand, the destination display on the side of the car has collapsed for Takatsuki City, which is accelerating.

It is like this when the sun is hidden in the clouds.

Express train bound for Osaka Umeda.

Burger King chili cheese fries. The seat where I took the photo was close to the window and there was natural light, but the white container has a faint bluish color due to the effect. Also, at this point, although the cheese part is in focus, you can see that the surrounding potatoes are blurred.

Looking at the same size, the cheese seems to be melting well, but when it comes in contact with the potatoes, it is already blurred. If you're going to do this kind of shooting, it may be difficult to leave it to auto.

Tandoori chicken from Nepalese restaurant

Balpipal . Similar to Burger King, you can clearly see which parts are in focus and which are out of focus, even in the reduced image.

In terms of color, this yellow plate is a demon.

The Hankai train crossing the Yamato River at dusk.

Looking at the sunset part at the same size, it looks like this.

When I looked at the train at the same size, it was running away, so some parts were blurry, but I was able to capture the sign for 'Tennoji Ekimae' on the side and the 'Sakai' logo on the car body.

The sun setting below the Hanshin Expressway.

Abeno Harukas and Abeno Suji at night were shot with an 85mm telephoto lens.

When zoomed to the same size, you can feel the noise in the photo, but even the grain of the lighting beyond the elevated Hanshin Expressway in the front is finely drawn.

The night mode is powerful, but the shutter speed is about 1/15s to shoot brightly, and I couldn't shoot the train destination display well, so I changed to shutter speed priority mode and shot with a shutter speed of 1/125s. What I did.

At the same size, the display itself is visible even though it somehow blurs.

The moon I found by looking up at the night sky.

Same size. This is a normal handheld shot without using a tripod.

Also, the 4K video shot using the video shooting application ' Videography Pro ' looks like this. First of all, it is a video shot at 4K / 30fps.

Hankyu Train / Kyoto Train Araku shot at 4K30fps with Xperia 1 V - YouTube

Below are two videos shot at 4K/60fps.

Hankyu train / ordinary Osaka Umeda shot at 4K60fps with Xperia 1 V - YouTube

Hankyu train / semi-express Osaka Umeda & semi-express Kyoto Kawaramachi shot at 4K60fps with Xperia 1 V - YouTube

In addition, I took a picture along the Takase River hydrophilic waterway at night when the lighting conditions were remarkably bad. Even though I was shooting handheld while walking, blurring is well suppressed. However, at the end, it was so dark that you could see the flow of water with the naked eye, but the image turned out to be almost pitch black.

Takase River hydrophilic waterway at night taken at 4K60fps with Xperia 1 V-YouTube

After using it in various places, my first impression was that I could easily shoot anything. As expected, if you print it or display it at the same size, the impression is that the fine details will be rendered poorly. there shouldn't be any problem.

However, when shooting 'rice', which occupies a large part for posting to SNS, the full auto gives the impression that the blurring of the peripheral area is strong, so it may be better to be careful about that when shooting. .

Regarding the fact that it is said that `` it is possible to shoot like a digital camera with a full-size sensor '', I feel that `` A digital camera with a Sony full-size sensor will be able to shoot more ... '', but `` LV (Light Value) 2 or less in the noise resistance performance and dynamic range of still images in an environment of illuminance.Comparison with a digital camera equipped with a full-size sensor made by Sony'. LV is an index of exposure value calculated using shutter speed and aperture. '2' means when shutter speed is 1/4 second and aperture value is F1.0, shutter speed is 1/2 second and aperture value When is F1.4, the shutter speed is 1 second and the aperture value is F2.0, assuming extremely low illumination. With that in mind, the night mode certainly gives the impression of being able to take pretty good shots, and I'm convinced that it's as good as a digital camera with a full-size sensor.

Without this annotation condition, it is true that it would be difficult to take photos that are on par with digital cameras that can take photos that can withstand printing, but that said, the Xperia 1 V has a high shooting power as a smartphone. It is a terminal that belongs to, and I feel that it was not necessary to add an annotation so far. The advantage of smartphones is that you can seamlessly post to SNS from shooting, so if you are assuming posting to SNS, you can take the necessary photos more easily than using a digital camera with a full-size sensor. should be certain.

'Xperia 1 V' will be released from NTT Docomo, au, and Softbank in mid-June 2023.

In addition, after this, we will summarize the results of actual measurement of how long the battery will last.

[to be continued]

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