Generative AI such as image generation AI and ChatGPT is changing the way game development is done

Generative AI can generate images and sentences faster than humans, so it is possible to greatly improve work efficiency by operating generative AI. The New York Times reports that this AI efficiency is also being adopted in game development.

Blizzard Trains Image Generator as AI Pervades Video Game Design - The New York Times

Blizzard Studio, a subsidiary of game development company Activision Blizzard, has already adopted image generation AI as a development tool, and has attempted to create concept art using assets from popular games such as `` Diablo '' and `` Overwatch ''. It is said that it is going. Also, it seems that AI is used to create textures such as stones and bricks.

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Allen Adham, Chief Design Officer of Blizzard Studio, has notified employees via internal email about efforts to operate an AI tool called 'Blizzard Diffusion'. 'Be prepared to be amazed. We are at a moment of great evolution in how we build and manage games,' Adham said.

However, image generation AI is under discussion about the copyright of learning data, for example, Stable Diffusion is being sued by Getty Images, a major photo stock service.

Getty Images sues image generation AI ``Stable Diffusion'' for copyright infringement, this is the second legal procedure - GIGAZINE

In order to clear these copyright issues, Activision Blizzard's chief technology officer, Michael Vance, said, ``Don't try to automatically generate images using your own intellectual property with an external image generation AI.'' It seems that a warning email has been sent to the company.

Generative AI can also streamline quality assurance testing. 'By using AI to detect bugs and glitches, players experience fewer crashes on launch day,' said Kate Rayner, technical director of The Coalition, which develops the popular action game series Gears . will be.”

Ubisoft, which develops the ' Assassin's Creed ' series, uses an AI tool called 'Ghostwriter' that can create basic lines in the game. In an open world game like the 'Assassin's Creed' series, you have to prepare a large number of NPCs (non-player characters), and inevitably you need to write more than 100,000 lines of dialogue. Ghostwriter seems to have been developed with a strong request from a writer that 'the task of creating a large number of dialogues for NPCs is difficult and tedious'

Ubisoft announces AI 'Ghostwriter' that automatically generates lines of countless NPCs appearing in the game - GIGAZINE

However, although it is a difficult and tedious task, ``writing a large amount of nonsense dialogue for NPCs'' is also representative of the work young game writers do in the early stages, and by automating it with AI, young game writers There is also criticism that it may take away valuable opportunities. In response to these criticisms, Ives Jaquire, executive director of Ubisoft La Forge, which developed Ghostwriter, said that when motion capture was introduced decades ago, ``the work of video game CG animators will be taken away.'' He said his fears were unfounded.

``The future may bring more technology, but it won't take away humans in the loop.Artists, writers, and coders are always at the center of the development process.AI is the creator's workflow. , but it is the individual's artistic vision and perspective that is essential to the creation of the game.'

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