Finally announced that generative AI will be installed in Google search, Google Workspace, Google Maps, what will change?

At the developer conference '

Google I / O 2023 ' held by Google on May 10, it was announced that generative AI will be introduced to Google search and Google Workshop.

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Microsoft's Bing has integrated with OpenAI's large-scale language model GPT-4 and installed Bing AI Chat , which allows you to search while interacting with chatbot AI. Competitor Google is also aiming to integrate AI into traditional Google search, and it will finally be announced at Google I / O 2023 this time.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai declares that there is a plan to install chat AI in Google search - GIGAZINE

Below is a movie introducing the new Google search ' Search Generative Experience ' by AI published at Google I / O.

A look at what's next for AI and Google Search | Google I/O 2023-YouTube

Up until now, Google searches have been structured so that the words you enter become a search query, and a list of related sites is displayed in the search results. The Search Generative Experience incorporates a large-scale language model as generative AI, making it possible to search by sentences instead of words. For example, if you enter the question ``Which planet is the closest to the Earth?'', AI will respond to the question by saying ``Mars and Venus are the closest planets to the Earth in the solar system.'' It is displayed.

In response to the question 'What plants are suitable for a dark dorm room?', multiple plants are introduced along with the sentence 'These are the plants that grow in low light.'

If you search Google for dresses to wear to an outdoor wedding in Miami, the AI says, ``When choosing a dress to wear to an outdoor wedding in Miami, you have to be prepared for hot and humid weather.'' advice.

Then, I will present the dress conditions in a row.

In addition, by linking with

Google Shopping , links to sales pages of dresses that meet the conditions will be displayed in the search results.

By clicking 'Ask a follow up' at the bottom left of the search results, you can ask further questions based on the series of dialogues with AI.

'What would you recommend for shoes?'

Then, a YouTube short movie introducing recommended shoes was displayed.

If you ask for other lunch recommendations, you'll get information about the store and a link to the homepage.

When I asked about training, the training methods were summarized in the search results.

Also, not only the explanation but also the link to the movie that teaches the training method is displayed.

Furthermore, in Google search, not only Search Generative Experience but also a filter called 'Perspective' will be installed at the top depending on the search results. Tap this filter to display only sentences, videos, and images shared on bulletin boards, Q&A sites, social media, etc. At the same time, more detailed information such as the name of the creator of the displayed content, profile picture, popularity of the content, etc. will also be displayed. Google says that this makes it easier to access personal sites, personal blogs, SNS posts, forums, etc. that are usually difficult to reach.

The Search Generative Experience is first provided by

Search Labs , a service that allows users to experience new search features. Also, Search Labs seems to be able to try the function of sharing search results in a spreadsheet and the function of interacting with chatbot AI to generate program code. Search Labs is accessible only from the United States at the time of article creation, and can be experienced on desktop and Google apps.

And Google has announced ' Duet AI for Google Workspace ', which is equipped with AI not only for searching but also for ' Google Workspace ', a business tool that allows you to share work with other users.

Duet AI for Google Workspace enables AI-powered auto-reply in Gmail and auto-generating images from text in Google Slides.

You can also let AI automatically analyze Google Spreadsheets.

In addition, it will be possible for AI to grasp the flow of the project with Google Docs and automatically create a plan including location and time.

In addition, Microsoft, a rival company, also announced the function 'Microsoft 365 Copilot' that enables automatic reply of e-mail, image generation, data analysis, etc. with AI at Microsoft 365 of the office suite.

AI 'Microsoft 365 Copilot' release that GPT-4 can use in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, e-mail, document creation, presentation creation is exploding - GIGAZINE

In addition, Google Maps, a map service, will be equipped with a function called 'Immersive View' that uses AI to make the route on the map three-dimensional and easy to understand. For example, if you search for a route with the conventional Google Maps app, it will be displayed as follows.

When Immersive View is displayed from this route search result, a 3D map based on aerial photographs is created and the route is displayed from a bird's-eye view.

Furthermore, as shown below, you can check the route as if you were following a three-dimensional map.

Cars running on the road show traffic at that time of day. In addition, the temperature for that time period is also displayed at the bottom.

The weather forecast is also reflected, and if it is forecast to rain, Immersive View will also display a rain effect.

Immersive View will be available in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo and Venice sometime in 2023, Google says. .

In addition, a preview of the Aerial View API, which makes the map of Google Maps three-dimensional with AI and makes it video, is now available. You can see what kind of images can be created with the Aerial View API by watching the following movie.

Aerial View API-YouTube

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