Wendy's announces 'Wendy's FreshAI' to automate drive-through with Google's generative AI

Wendy 's, known as a fast food chain from the United States, has announced that it will test drive-through Google Cloud 's generative AI technology.

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On May 9, 2023, local time, Wendy's and Google Cloud announced an expansion of their partnership to test `` Wendy's FreshAI '', an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for realizing automatic drive-through ordering. Starting in 2021, Wendy's has partnered to leverage Google Cloud's data analytics, AI technology, machine learning, cloud tools, and more. Wendy's FreshAI uses Google Cloud's generative AI and large language model (LLM) technology to automate drive-thru orders.

At Wendy's, 75-80% of customers use drive-thru, so by realizing a seamless ordering experience through automation using AI, it eliminates the difficulty of hearing due to complicated menu options and ambient noise. You can expect it. At Wendy's, customers can freely customize the menu when ordering, and there are billions of combinations, but by introducing AI, mistakes such as `` cooking the wrong menu '' due to communication errors on the store side occur. It may become difficult.

“Wendy’s introduced the industry’s first modern pickup window over 50 years ago,” said Todd Pennegor, CEO of Wendy’s. 'Google Cloud's generative AI technology creates tremendous opportunities to deliver truly differentiated, faster, and smoother experiences to our customers, empowering our employees to create great food and experience time and time again.' We will be able to continue to focus on building relationships with our fans who continue to visit us.”

Wendy's will start the first trial operation of Google Cloud's AI technology at a store in the Columbus area of Ohio in June 2023, and will use the generative AI service `` Vertex AI '' to talk to customers. With this Vertex AI, it is possible to understand bespoke orders and generate answers to frequently asked questions from customers.

The AI tool being tested at Wendy's is Google's LLM, which is integrated with restaurant hardware and

POS systems, trained with Wendy's menus, business rules, and basic communication logic. Although details have not been disclosed, overseas media The Verge said, ``Wendy's has collaborated with Google Cloud to build a customized chat AI on LLM.Details will be announced at Google I/O 2023 . It is reported.

'Wendy's has always been at the forefront of innovation and we are excited to further strengthen our partnership with Wendy's with new generative AI technology,' said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. We expect the combination of Wendy's and Google Cloud's generative AI technology to set a new standard for superior drive-thru experiences in the quick service industry.'

In addition, in order to automate Wendy's drive-thru with AI, Wendy's standard menu 'Milkshake' is ordered with the nickname 'Frosty', and 'Junior Bacon Cheeseburger' is abbreviated as 'JBC' AI is required to be able to respond to orders placed by

Kurian CEO commented to the Wall Street Journal, ``It may seem that it is a very easy problem to use AI in drive-thru to respond to customers, but it is actually one of the very difficult problems.'' . For example, the AI had to ignore the voices of children sitting in the backseat of the car when ordering at the drive-thru, and it had to deal with customers who changed their minds in the middle of ordering. It seems that there are multiple.

Wendy's is only trying to use AI for drive-through automation, and is not trying to replace human employees with AI. In fact, if the AI fails to process the customer's order correctly, a human employee will take care of it, and you can refuse to use the AI and ask the employee to take care of it.

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