I tried two kinds such as Matsuya's 'Cheese white sauce hamburger set meal' using super milky white sauce with 50% or more milk

From May 2, 2023 (Tuesday), Matsuya has released a `` cheese white sauce hamburger set meal '' that uses milk for more than half of the white sauce. I tried eating it with the ` ` White sauce hamburger set meal '' released on the same day, as it was finished in a taste with plenty of milk white sauce, mushroom flavor, estragon and parsley accents.

New release of 'White sauce hamburger set meal' to tackle milk waste problem with new menu | Matsuya Foods


I bought 'White sauce hamburger set meal' and 'Cheese white sauce hamburger set meal' for takeout. Since it is a set meal, it comes with salad, but miso soup is not included with takeout.

First of all, try tasting from 'White sauce hamburger set meal'. The rice and hamburger were in separate containers, but the back of the hamburger had rice grains on it, making it difficult to place on the desk.

It is like this when putting a hamburger on rice.

The hamburger steak is so soft that you can easily cut it with chopsticks.

Meat juice seeps out from inside.

It is a hamburger steak that always has the scent of

estragon , and it is finished with a white sauce that feels just the right amount of sweetness and the umami of meat. The moderate saltiness of the hamburger served as an accent to advance the rice.

This time, try the 'Cheese White Sauce Hamburger Set Meal'.

I will also eat cheese white sauce hamburger on top of rice.

The salty cheese has a stronger presence than the hamburger steak, and the scent is overwritten with cheese, giving the impression that the taste changes considerably from the white sauce hamburger set meal. It was a hamburger set meal where you can enjoy the flavor of milk, spices and cheese.

The price of ``White sauce hamburger set meal'' is 780 yen including tax, and the price of ``Cheese white sauce hamburger steak set meal'' is 930 yen including tax, and is sold at Matsuya nationwide except for some stores.

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