Twitter introduced ``a system where media can sell paid articles one by one'' from May

Twitter CEO Elon Musk will introduce a system in May that will allow you to read paid articles by paying for each article, avoiding the monthly paid subscription plan prepared by the media.

Twitter will let media publishers charge per article starting in May - The Verge

On April 30, 2023, CEO Elon Musk said on his Twitter account, ``The platform, which will be launched next month, will enable media publishers to charge users per article with a single click. If a user doesn't want to sign up for a monthly subscription but wants to read an article once in a while, they can pay a higher price than a monthly subscription to read a single article, both for media and users. There should be great benefits,' he tweeted.

It will be possible to sell paid articles via Twitter, but it is unknown what percentage of sales the media must pay to Twitter and whether there are other conditions that the media must follow.

``Twitter seems to be competing to increase revenue, even if it means alienating long-time users and turning media organizations into enemies,'' said The Verge, an overseas media outlet.

Separately from this, Twitter has introduced a function called 'subscription' that allows creators to monetize on Twitter, and Mask CEO's account alone records sales of more than 14 million yen per month. It is clear.

It is clear that Earon Mask records sales of more than 14 million yen per month with Twitter subscription, but the subscription rate of followers is only 0.018% - GIGAZINE

The Verge points out that the subscription function and the ability to purchase paid articles separately are measures to attract more creators to Twitter in order to improve Twitter's difficult management situation.

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