Chrome extension ``Tweetaudit-GPT'' review that allows you to pre-audit the content of tweets posted on Twitter to the large-scale language model GPT

GPT, a large-scale language model developed by OpenAI, can generate natural sentences on a par with humans.

Yakiniku has released an extension function ` ` Tweetaudit-GPT '' that allows you to check whether there is a problem with your tweet content before posting it to such GPT.

Tweetaudit-GPT - Chrome Web Store

First, click 'Add to Chrome' on the 'Tweetaudit-GPT' page of the Chrome Web Store.

A confirmation pop-up will be displayed, so click 'Add extension'.

Then, the Tweetaudit-GPT icon was displayed in the upper right of Chrome.

Next, get your OpenAI API key. While logged in to your OpenAI account, access

the API key page and click 'Create new secret keys'. In addition, it is necessary to register the billing payment with the OpenAI account.

Then, an API key will be created, so click the green icon on the right end to copy the API key to the clipboard.

Click the Tweetaudit-GPT icon and enter your API key.

When you actually log in to Twitter from a browser, an icon is added to the left side of the tweet input field. Enter your tweet and click the icon.

Then, GPT gave an audit result that 'there is no problematic expression'. At the same time, it also came with a rather large thank-you evaluation, saying, ``This kind of post may not cause any particular reaction.''

This time, when I asked him to audit a slightly radical tweet, the result was, ``This statement contains problematic expressions because it may lead to violence and crime.'' You can see that auditing is done.

Furthermore, regarding the conspiracy theory-like tweet content, it was pointed out that ``the expression is inappropriate because spreading false information is a social problem.''

The OpenAI API is pay-as-you-go. Note that Tweetaudit-GPT uses gpt-3.5-turbo (Chat), which costs $ 0.002 (0.26 yen) per 1000 tokens.

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