Twitter labels non-profit organization NPR a 'state-owned media', same treatment as Russia's RT and China's Xinhua, which pour out the country's official views

Among the major reforms to the service content at the intention of Elon Musk CEO,

National Public Radio (NPR) , an American non-profit media organization, was labeled as `` national media '' I found out. . As defined by Twitter , the label applies to 'media outlets whose content is controlled, or whose production and distribution are controlled by the state through direct or indirect political pressure.' NPR counters that it is 'not that kind of organization.'

Twitter labels NPR's account as 'state-affiliated media,' which is untrue : NPR

Twitter Labels NPR 'State-Affiliated Media,' in Change to Policy - The New York Times

NPR criticizes Twitter for slapping it with a 'state-affiliated media' label | CNN Business

NPR is an independent non-profit organization based in the United States, funded by corporate sponsorships, fees paid by NPR member organizations including universities and non-profit organizations, and institutional grants. We deliver news etc. NPR indirectly receives federal funding because of its key role in supporting affiliated stations through annual grants from the American Public Broadcasting Corporation. less than a percent.”

Such NPR's Twitter account was labeled 'US state-affiliated media'. In response, NPR argued that ``it develops independent journalism supported by millions of listeners, and NPR does not fit into what Twitter calls state media.'' I have asked Twitter to remove the label.

Twitter itself once acknowledged NPR as an 'exception,' and the Japanese help page states, 'A state-funded but editorially independent media organization (the UK's BBC and NPR in the United States ) are not defined as state authority media under this policy.'

Please note that this wording has been corrected in

the English help page , and the letters 'NPR' have disappeared.

Once a Twitter account is labeled as 'national media', the account will not be able to promote content and will not be spread or recommended by Twitter's algorithms.

In addition to NPR, the state media label has been attached to the accounts of Russia's

RT and China's Xinhua , which are recognized as government propaganda outlets. NPR accused Twitter of ``applying the same labels it uses to designate official press and propaganda agencies in countries such as Russia and China to non-profit media companies.''

NPR said in a statement, ``NPR operates independently of the U.S. government. . 'It's unacceptable for Twitter to label us like this. A lively, vibrant and free press is essential to the health of democracy,' he said.

In response to a journalist who praised the labeling of NPR as ``well done'', Mr. Musk said it ``looks accurate'' with a screenshot of the page describing the ``state media guidelines''. be doing.

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