Reports that Apple is exploring the possibility of integrating conversational AI like ChatGPT into Siri

During a conference on AI held internally by Apple, it was reported that large-scale language models such as those used for ChatGPT and other AI were discussed. Apple reports on how voice assistants such as Siri have taken the lead, and is reportedly testing its language generation efforts on a weekly basis.

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OpenAI, an AI research group, has developed the GPT series of large-scale language models that can generate sentences with human-level accuracy, and based on this, an interactive AI 'ChatGPT' was announced and made a public topic. rice field. Microsoft also integrated the initial version of GPT-4 into Bing and has attracted attention as the number of daily users exceeds 100 million per day. In addition to this, Discord , DuckDuckGo , Notion , etc. are expanding services using AI one after another, but Apple, which should have been at the forefront of voice assistants such as Siri, has fallen far behind these waves. increase.

According to 9to5mac, which handles Apple-related news, Apple explained in an internal report that ``we found how voice assistants such as Siri and Amazon's Alexa have lost their lead in the AI race.'' About. It was also reported that Apple is reviewing its approach to AI, with engineers including Siri's team testing concepts that generate language every week.

With the advent of the voice assistant Siri, many users have become familiar with AI, but at the same time, it has become clear that there are many things that AI cannot do. Regarding this, former Apple engineer John Barkey, who was involved in the development of Siri, revealed that ``the design was complicated and it took time to add new features.''

According to Barkey, Siri is bloated with 'mounds of code' so complex that even the simple act of adding a few new phrases to a dataset requires rebuilding the entire database, causing up to It could have taken up to 6 weeks. Adding a complex feature like a new search tool could have taken a full year, so Barkey believes there was no way for Siri to become a 'creative assistant' like ChatGPT. It seems that there is

According to the New York Times, the introduction of Siri has led to an increase in iPhone sales, but Amazon's voice assistant 'Alexa' and Google's 'Google Assistant' announced to follow Siri are not meaningful He said he struggled to make a profit.

Amazon expected that 'consumers will be able to talk to Alexa to place orders and increase online store sales,' but Alexa's ability to answer weather forecasts and set alarms Although it was used, it seems that few people asked Alexa to order products. Regarding Alexa, which left a result that disappoints Amazon's expectations, it leads to a big loss that employees say is a `` huge failure '', and Amazon is trying to reform its business by drastically reducing personnel.

Amazon started dismissing more than 18,000 people, the most in history, mainly affecting retail and human resources departments-GIGAZINE

``In the future, chatbots and voice assistant technologies will converge,'' said an AI expert, but it's unclear what approach Apple will take to these efforts.

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