Free movie conversion software 'FFmpeg 6.0' released, compatible with AV1 encoding with NVENC and QSV

Version 6.0 of the multimedia framework `` FFmpeg '', which has functions such as lossless combining of movies and conversion to a wide variety of formats, was released on February 27, 2023 (Monday). FFmpeg 6.0 enables AV1 encoding using hardware encoders such as QSV and NVENC, and includes improvements such as faster operation due to more efficient thread processing.


FFmpeg is a multimedia framework developed by open source. It has a wide variety of functions related to movies and audio, such as changing the frame rate, cutting out a part of the movie, and extracting audio from the movie.

FFmpeg is used in many software development projects due to its many functions and convenience. Also, there are many software such as ' yt-dlp ' and ' Yark ' that assume that FFmpeg is already installed.

FFmpeg 6.0, released on February 27, 2023, supports AV1 encoding using hardware encoders such as QSV and NVENC. This will speed up AV1 encoding on PCs equipped with Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. In addition, threading efficiency has been improved to speed up overall operation, as well as support for new video filters and bug fixes.

FFmpeg 6.0 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and the executable file download page for each OS is summarized in the link below.

Download FFmpeg

Since the release of FFmpeg 5.0 in January 2022, The FFmpeg project has adopted a regular release system that releases major updates once a year. For this reason, the next major version of FFmpeg 7.0 is expected to be released in 2024.

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