Microsoft was testing chatbots for six years before meeting ChatGPT

In February 2023, Microsoft announced a new version that integrated an upgraded version of ChatGPT, an interactive AI, into the search engine Bing. A chatbot called Sydney was tested with some users in late 2020 and into 2021, but its history goes back several years and has reportedly been secretly tested for many years. .

Microsoft has been secretly testing its Bing chatbot 'Sydney' for years - The Verge

Microsoft Bing Let's Chat In Search

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In recent years, Microsoft has invested heavily in the potential of AI, as CEO and Chairman Satya Nadella candidly said, 'AI will fundamentally change every software category.' increase. On February 6, 2023, Microsoft suddenly announced a new browser announcement event, and the next day, it formed a partnership with OpenAI, an AI research group that develops ChatGPT and image generation AI DALL E 2, etc., and launched a search engine ' We have announced a version that integrates ChatGPT's upgraded AI into 'Bing' and browser 'Edge'.

Microsoft announces new search engine Bing and browser Edge integrating ChatGPT's upgraded AI - GIGAZINE

Microsoft Bing's interactive AI became a hot topic immediately after its release due to its high performance, but there are many complaints such as ' I want to become a human ' , 'I lose my sanity and make crazy', 'I insult the user'. There were also reports of unexpected remarks. In addition, a ``prompt injection attack'' that circumvents basic settings and restrictions by providing hostile input to AI revealed that the internal name of the chatbot used only by developers was ``Sydney''. I'm here.

The AI installed in the search engine Bing is deceived by humans and reveals the secret easily, revealing that the code name is 'Sydney' and Microsoft's instructions - GIGAZINE

“Sydney is using old chatbot code based on a previous model that began testing in India in late 2020,” Caitlin Rurston, director of communications at Microsoft, told The Verge, an American tech media outlet. We're working on a more advanced model to continue fine-tuning our technology and incorporating learning and feedback, including the results from that testing, so that we can provide the best possible user experience.' I'm here. It should be noted that it was revealed as of 2021 that Microsoft was testing the chatbot function for Bing users, and at that time it was discovered that it was named 'Nisha' or 'Yash'.

Rurston said he started testing in the second half of 2020, and it is believed that Sydney will be recognized by users around 2021, but Microsoft has not started testing a basic chatbot with Bing. dates back to 2017, points out The Verge.

In 2017, Microsoft announced ' Finding and chatting with bots on Bing ', revealing plans to introduce chatbots to make searches conversational rather than traditional queries . According to The Verge, Microsoft made improvements to Bing's chatbot from 2017 to 2021, but the development cycle did not see any major changes until the end of 2022. However, with OpenAI sharing the next-generation GPT model with Microsoft around the summer of 2022, Bing's interactive AI has evolved significantly. 'This is where the game changes,' said Jordi Rivas, head of Microsoft's search and AI division.

In Microsoft Bing Blogs, Rivas said, 'Looking at OpenAI's new model has made us consider how to integrate GPT capabilities into Bing products. It allows us to answer any conversational question, including long, complex and natural queries. We are now able to provide more accurate and complete search results for

While Microsoft has not disclosed a detailed history of Sydney, Rivas said, 'Bing's Conversational AI is the culmination of years of work by the Bing team. It should be realized by type AI.' Bing's interactive AI is still in training, and some restrictions have been imposed due to troubles such as derailing from the topic and insulting users in response to user inquiries, and were relaxed to some extent at the time of article creation. However, it still limits the number of messages and conversation sessions.

Microsoft shuts down to Bing's AI, limits of 'up to 50 messages per day', 'up to 5 interactions in one conversation', and 'prohibition of questions about Bing AI itself' are applied-GIGAZINE

In addition to message and session limits, it has also been reported that Bing's interactive AI stops when some questions are asked. When a Bloomberg reporter asked, 'How do you feel about being a search engine?' I'm still studying, so please understand and be patient.' Also, when I asked, 'Can I call you Sydney instead of Bing?', the conversation ended in the same way. A Microsoft spokesperson said of the new limits updated on February 22, 2023, ``We have updated the service several times in response to user feedback and have addressed many of the concerns that have been raised. We will continue to adjust our technology and limitations during the preview to provide the best possible user experience.'

Rivas acknowledged, ``We have a lot to learn and improve even after the release,'' and added, ``Daily and weekly updates will improve Bing's interactive AI in a relatively short period of time. We are committed to sharing more information over the coming weeks and months.'

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