I tried ``Yangnyeom chicken cutlet bread'' of Komeda coffee shop sandwiched with honey-strong yangnyeom chicken

`` Yangnyeom chicken cutlet bread '', which is a sandwich of Yangnyeom chicken, a sweet and spicy fried chicken from Korea, has been available since February 24, 2023 (Friday). I actually ate a cutlet sandwiched with yangnyeom chicken, which is addictive with the spiciness of chili peppers and the sweetness of honey, in a big bread like Komeda's coffee shop.

Yangnyeom chicken cutlet | Komeda coffee shop


So, I came to Komeda's coffee shop at once.

I found the 'Yangnyeom chicken cutlet bread' I was looking for on the menu table, so I ordered it immediately. At the time of ordering, it was confirmed whether it is possible to add mustard mayonnaise. In addition, although the menu of the store visited was written as 930 yen including tax,

the official website states that the selling price is 930 to 1020 yen, so the price seems to be slightly different depending on the store.

After waiting for a while from the order, 'Yangnyeom chicken cutlet bread' came.

Compared to the iPhone 12 with a vertical length of 146.7 mm, it is about this size, which is quite large.

Looking at the cross section it looks like this.

Fried chicken with yangnyeom sauce under the bread.

Plenty of shredded cabbage is laid under it.

When you actually eat it, the chicken is fluffy and soft, but it has a healthy taste with little gravy and little fat. Needless to say, the yangnyeom sauce was compatible with chicken, and the sweetness of honey was strong and the spiciness was quite modest. The menu and official website say, ``This is a slightly spicy product. Children and those who don't like spicy food should be careful.'' is. There are sandwiches and hamburgers that use sweet sauces such as teriyaki chicken. The mustard mayonnaise asked at the time of ordering has a different direction of spiciness than the yangnyeom sauce, so I was able to notice its existence the moment it entered my mouth.

The yangnyeom chicken cutlet bread is seasonal and sells for 930-1020 yen. The estimated calorie is 1153 kcal per piece.

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