GitHub's ``Employees should move to Microsoft Teams'' development into a heated debate

Microsoft's online version control service, GitHub, has decided to migrate the video conferencing tool used to reduce costs to Microsoft Teams. Regarding this, on the social news site Hacker News, there is a debate about the usability of Microsoft Teams and the pros and cons of deciding which tools to use by employees at the discretion of management.

GitHub staff are required to use Teams by Sep 1, 2023 | Hacker News

GitHub's CEO Thomas Domke announced on February 9, 2023 that he would dismiss 10% of his employees in an e-mail addressed to his employees, and at the same time, in order to reduce costs, he said, ``Update your company laptop. We have announced that we will implement two things: change from 3 years to 4 years, and move video conferencing to Microsoft Teams. We plan to continue using Slack for daily communication.

GitHub will dismiss 10% of its employees, and the office will be closed in anticipation of a complete remote system - GIGAZINE

Regarding Domke's announcement, Karri Saarinen, co-founder of issue management system development company Linear, said on Twitter, ``Why is it important to switch to Teams? is a signal for a change in corporate culture,' he tweeted . He added, “Company leaders often forget how important tools have become. If it is connected, it will spread to other things. Linear says, 'Good tools produce good results,'' said GitHub's management team. I complained about it.

In the Hacker News thread that featured Mr. Saarinen's tweet, there were many opinions and experiences about the usability of Microsoft Teams, and 689 comments were posted at the time of writing the article.

For example, a Hacker News user who has been using Teams for two and a half years said, 'I use Teams every day and have had nothing but bad experiences. To be honest, I don't know anyone who chooses to use Teams. No offense to the team that made it, but it 's a really terrible product.'

“I think the biggest problem with Teams is management strategy. Doesn't seem like it,' one commented .

On the other hand, “I use Teams, Zoom, and Jitsi for video conferencing on a daily basis, but Teams is not my biggest problem. You don't get to choose the platform for yourself,' someone pointed out .

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